Habits of Mind

Angana Ghate - Gifted Endorsement - 2012/13


Habits of Mind are the characteristics of what intelligent people do when they are confronted with problems, the resolutions of which are not immediately apparent." (Costa)

I feel we should guide students, tell them you believe in them and they should believe in themselves......."If you stop there, you don't SEE your creation. You have to work to see your creatIon."

WHICH.......Take Responsible Risks!

Venture out! Be adventurous; live on the edge! Try new things constantly. I believe if I embrace this idea as a teacher, then my students will also learn to do so. By taking chances and risks (responsibly) one ventures out on the diving board to awesomeness! Be awesome and encourage our children to be awesome in their own ways.

Engage in PRODUCTIVE CREATIVITY! Create an environment where failures or mistakes are analyzed, not punished.

I wonder if it is a necessary habit at the heart of effective, student-centered, lifelong learning!

WHY?.....Teach our kids to take risks, really? Well, yes & no......

Let's call is "Seizing Opportunities". More often we don't want to teach our kids to be risk takers. Yet, we do want them to be adventuresome, to reach out, and to try new things. Yet in order to be successful at these things, I believe we must first teach them to plan effectively, identify the risks involved, and measure the costs against the possible rewards. So no, don't just learn to take risks for the sake of taking any or all risks.....BUT, yes....take chances, seize opportunities, and evaluate in the process!

Developing Student Potential & Habits of Mind Poster

Angana Ghate

Gifted Endorsement

Course 3 - Reid


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