Assyrian Nation

Emil's Country


The meaning of the flag is that lions are strong, are always together and they are the kings of the wild like Assyrians because Assyrians are the kings of the world.


  1. Capital-Baznia Vill
  2. Small Vill
  3. Red Mountain
  4. Blue Horse
  5. Emerald City
  6. Dark Horse
  7. Bambica City
  8. Old York


WildLife- lions, tigers, many rabbits, zebras, and cheetahs.

Landforms- in the north there are many mountains and in the south its flat and there are not many hills in east and west.

Vegetation- Baznia Vill is the main resource of oak trees, tomatoes, apple's,and many more fruits and veges.

Climate- very hot in the summer and warm in the winters

Major Communities- Baznia Vill, Emerald City, Old York

Human Geography

  1. Population-32,565,738
  2. Birth,Death Rate-0.64,0.32
  3. Immigration,Emigration Rate-2.43,0.93

  1. many people are coming to Assyrian Nation because there is peace and no war and no famine that's why the the immigration rate is high but people who are leaving are going because there is pollution.
  2. the death rate is low because there are a lot cures for many diseases so people live longer. Birth rate is not that high because people are not thinking about having kids instead they're studding and working until they are comfortable of having a baby.

Industry and Environment

Fishery, Forestry, Minning

forestry is the main industry because there are many forests in the capital and in the north west.

The environment issue is that not many trees are growing and they companies are cutting to much trees and they are not growing them back they are leaving a mess behind them and not cleaning up and they are destroying the soil therefore you cant grow trees or anything there.

The companies who are clear-cutting and not cleaning up and growing are being closed and cant have anything to do with trees. So many companies are cleaning up and growing new trees so it can help the country and their business.

Assyrian Nation imports framing and cars and we Export mining and trees and fish to many other countries.