February 22, 2019

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Every student must re-register each year. One class has already filled. Registration is open to the public on Monday, March 4th.

You must have access to your Renweb account to re-enroll your child.

You will login to and log into your own Renweb account.

All re-enrollments are completed online.

Here is the link to Re-Enrollment information.We have heard that some parents had difficulty using the APP, yet some were able to without any issue. So, if the APP does not work for you it may have something to do with your particular phone or carrier. In that case, please use a desktop computer. It is easier on the computer regardless.


You can also pick up a printed copy of the registration information in the school office.

Registration will open to the public on Monday, March 4. We encourage you to take advantage of our Referral program and recommend our school to your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. For more information, please contact the business office. We are especially interested in referrals to our K5 and VPK classes this year.

Have a great week,

Mrs. Mackey

MIDTERMS WERE SENT HOME TODAY IN 1ST THRU 8TH. Please sign and return on Monday


Our Gala Fundraiser is next Friday!

It is not too late to help in some manner or to attend and have a marvelous evening celebrating being part of the Holy Cross family! We still have some teachers and staff who have not been sponsored and we still need donations for the silent auction. We also want you, our parents, to come and be part of the festivities.

The deadline to make a reservation to attend the Gala is Tuesday. We have to give a firm count to the event center that afternoon.


Why are we using FACTS Tuition Management?

Some parents have asked and some have expressed concern about why we are using FACTS tuition management for collection of school tuition and fees for the 2029-2020 School Year.

I very rarely talk about or get involved with money but I feel that I must address this question.

The answer is quite simple. We need to stream-line the work that takes place in the business office. Many of our parents are very diligent about taking care of their financial responsibilities to the school. They pay them when they are due and all is well. Unfortunately, not all of our parents are as diligent.

As a result, our business office is spending an extraordinary amount of time taking care of past due accounts and this is taking them away from other very important tasks. We cannot continue in this manner.

Holy Cross is a ministry but we must run it in a business-like manner. Just as our parents have bills to pay, we do as well. Our monthly bills for just electricity, water, salaries and insurance are staggering. For example, our electric, water and insurance alone (no salaries or any other expenses) total nearly $14,000! This excludes expenses for salaries and benefits (we have a staff of almost 60 so you can imagine the cost), materials, maintenance, repairs and many other expenses that occur monthly.

Holy Cross is not part of a large consortium of schools. All Lutheran Schools function independently and that is good, because every school and community is different. We do not have a fund to dip into to pay our bills if parents do not pay theirs. We must rely on our parents to meet their obligations so that we can meet ours. We cannot rely for tax returns or other large lump sums. This includes OOS. We hire staff and we pay our staff. The very reasonable monthly fee that we charge is how we pay our staff.

You will find that most schools in our area are currently using FACTS or some other tuition collection service for the collection of tuition and fees. We are not alone in this. All of the private High Schools in the area that your children may apply to use such a service.

Be assured that you will not lose the opportunity to deal directly with the business office, nor the personal touch of our great staff. If you have issues, you can and should speak to Mrs. Noel. However, FACTS will be the first line of collection. You will likely find that using this service will save you money because you will avoid late payment fees.

Of course, if you need to make a cash payment or any other type of payment in the offices, you will still have that ability.

If you have an issue with the online registration or setting up a FACTS tuition account, please see Mrs. Noel in the business office.

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Black History Program

There will be a phenomenal Black History program next Wednesday, February 27th at 9AM in the auditorium. All are invited!

Everyone is invited. The program is in the auditorium. You can expect to see dance, music, sign language and a special performance of Martin Luther King's I have a Dream speech, by 8th grade students.

Please come.If any parent has a connection with a news station, we would love to have coverage of this program.


Class and group/activity photos will be taken next Tuesday, February 26th.

Order forms were sent home if you wish to purchase a class photo. A photo of the order form is below. This was sent home last week.

All students IN K5 THRU 8TH GRADE should come to school in REGULAR UNIFORM, wearing their RED POLO SHIRT.

They may bring clothes to change into for PE but otherwise there will not be a penalty for not having PE clothes.

PK and VPK should wear their regular shorts and t-shirt in any color.

Any special clothing items for activity/groups must come to school. (sports uniforms, sign language, praise group, etc.)

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Congratulations to our Award Winning Students and Class

2nd Quarter Principal's List students

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Background check authorization

Below is the link. You cannot chaperone or otherwise interact with our students unless you complete the background check.


Tuesday, February 26: Class and group photo day (send in order form if you wish to purchase a class photo

Wednesday, February 27: Black History Month Program 9AM

Friday, March 1: No School, No OOS School Holiday

Friday, March 1: Holy Cross Fundraising Gala (for our bus fund) 7PM

Monday, March 4: Registration opens to the general public

Looking way ahead...

Spring Break is March 23 thru March 31st.

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