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Can you believe that it is already Thanksgiving? Christmas will be here before we know it! Our year is really flying by. We had a great start back and the kids jumped right back into the swing of things. I am very proud of them!

We've begun our unit on diversity and cultures and even done a little traveling. We "went" to Ethiopia last week and met a child named, Mulken. Her family lives in a village there and their way of life is a lot different then ours. We were able to see many different pictures of Mulken and her family. We learned that we can gather information about a topic by looking at pictures. We made comparisons to our families and hers. It was interesting to hear about her family and how they live. See if your child can share 1- something they learned, 2- a question they have, 3- something that made them say wow!, and 4- a connection they had with Mulken and her family. We are trying to discover if kids from around the world are more like us or different. Last week, we read the story, To Be a Kid. As we looked at the pictures most of the kids thought that we had more differences then children from other countries, but we quickly began to change our minds as we listened to the words of the story. As we continue to focus on different cultures and begin sharing our projects, I am sure that the kids opinions will change even more. I love watching the kids learn about the world around us and seeing how they become more accepting of our differences. With that being said, don't forget that projects are due on Monday! The kids have their passports ready and are excited to explore the world!

In math we are working on place value (tens and ones). We will begin working on comparing numbers and adding 3 addends next week.

Interim reports came home today in your child's homework folder. Please look over these and see which areas your child needs more practice with. We still have several weeks left in this quarter and we will be working hard to target each objective. Please make sure you sign your child's interim and send it back to school on Monday.

We have 7 students who returned the BYOD contract for next week. There is a parent meeting on Monday at 8:00 in the Media Center to learn more about how this will look in our classroom and to connect devices to our the network. I would encourage you to come to this meeting if you have questions about this or want to learn more before deciding whether you want your child to bring a device or not. Your child will be the ONLY one to use his/her device during the school day. Some helpful apps to add to their device right now are: Raz-kids, Spelling City, Front Row Ed, and the QR scanner (not reader). As the year goes on, I will email other apps that we will use during the instructional day.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. Enjoy these few days off and I will see everyone on Monday!

Take Care,

Ms. Gower


  • Interim Reports- Look over these, sign them, and return them on Monday.

  • Social Studies Projects- These are due on Monday. We will share them throughout the week; about 4 to 5 a day. I cannot wait to see these. Remember these count toward your child's Social Studies grade.

  • BYOD- Students who have completed the contract for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) may bring their device to school on Monday to use. Please read the "In The News" section for apps to download onto their devices. The apps listed are free.

  • BLOG- The Read & Respond Blog will be updated this weekend along with the Math Stumper and our class website.

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