All About George Street Sydney



The population in George Street today is about 4,627,345 and the population in the past is 11,253. So the populations have gone high for the past few years.

George street now

George street is a street in Sydney original high street,and remains one of busiest streets in the City.
George street was the first longest street in Sydney.George street is 3km long and it's the same.The original of George street lie in the layout of the Sydney cove colony. Captain Arthur Phillip placed the convicts and marines on the rocky western slopes of the bay.
There are more high raise buildings here than on any other street in Australia.

All About The Auother

All About Andre

Andre: l like to read books that have a mystery problem.I have two sisters there names Alana and Angela they are very funny most of the time.Well all I think is that family is so important to me and education.I love to try my best at any subject I can think of.

All about katrina

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