Which is the better programming softwear


Scratch is a gaming soft wear that you can visually program when you tell it to do something it will do it and the result of what you tell it to do will be visual unless you program it to make a certain noise. Scratch is probably the easiest to use as it only does very basic things in a certain area it also lets you customize characters but it is also very basic i would suggest that you use this programming software if you are new to programming as it is a very basic and a easy to use software.the most basic command you could give on scratch is when the green flag is clicked and then you can attach what ever you want to the command


Kodu is a quite complex gaming software that lets you customize your own terrain and the limits of terrain are never ending and the gaming language can be very complex with up to 11 pages of code on a single character or item it is more ideal for game creators because it lets you do what ever you like in the game and also gives you the option to move your character with the arrow keys which is also possible to do in scratch but the kodu game lab lets you make characters rise up on top of the map and also let them move around on the ground. There are also many more things you can create on kodu as it gives you some options of already created games that you can customize and create your own some of the already created games are shooting fish and flying sorcer. The limits of this game are endless i would recommend this game to a more experienced and a more serious programmer as you can ad lots of code to it. the main commands in this game are when and do so basically you put a command in the when and you put another command in the do and when the first command happens it will do the second one that is in the do section.

what the games look like

both soft wares will carry out your commands

Which is better in my opinion

in my opinion i prefer KODU because it is more complex and it gives you more freedom to roam the world you have created and it give you more options to make the character do the thing you want and it is also more specific in my opinion

kodu reviews

Kodu provides an end-to-end creative environment for designing, building, and playing your own new games. Aimed at children, although accessible to anybody, Kodu offers a high-level language that incorporates real-world primitives: collision, color, and vision. It runs on Xbox 360 and Windows, includes an interactive terrain editor for creating worlds of arbitrary shape and size, a bridge and path builder, and offers 20 characters with different abilities.

Really easy programming language that feels like speaking English and can be picked up in a matter of seconds. There is very little need for a tutorial here, everything is pretty self explanatory. The terrain creator is one of the easiest out there, and as aforementioned the programming is just so easy - I wish big advanced programs like Unity had a mode with a language like this. Extremely easy, even kids can do it. It is all visual.

Overall good, but wish it wasn't so simplified for some things so I had more flexibility. Good introduction to game creating though, and easier to use than Yoyogames Game Maker.