Texas Regions Salt Dough Map

Project Notice

In Class Project

We have been studying landforms, vegetation, and climate of each of the four major regions of Texas. Each student will be required to create a three-dimensional model “salt dough map” of the landforms and regions. This project will be constructed in class.

We need your assistance to help your child make the recipe below for this project and send it in by Monday, September 14th in a gallon sized Ziploc bag.

Dough Recipe:

1 cup flour

1 cup salt

2/3 cup cold water

In a bowl, mix salt and flour until blended. Add just enough water to make mixture the consistency of a thick icing or playdoh. Stir thoroughly and store in a Ziploc bag. It should not stick to your hands, it should not be runny.

In addition to the dough recipe, each student will need to bring either cardboard, thick foam poster board, canvas, or a piece of wood (not exceeding 14 in x 14 in). After forming the state of Texas with our salt dough, we will paint each region, add landmarks, major rivers, American Indian tribes, a compass rose, and map key. This project will be a major grade for social studies.

*We need donations of the following materials. (Please contact your homeroom teacher for more information):

  • fine tip paintbrushes
  • styrofoam bowls for paint
  • cups for water
  • extra salt dough

Thank you for your assistance, support and donations! We know the students will absolutely love this working on this project and they will be able to show us what they have learned about the Texas regions!

Materials your child needs to bring to class on Sept. 14th:

1. salt dough recipe in a ziploc bag

2. cardboard, thick foam poster board, canvas, or a piece of wood (not exceeding 14 in x 14 in)