Red Foreman

for President of the United States

Chief of Citizens - Representing the Voice of America

Red Foreman is the most conservative candidate to run for office since Ronald Reagan. He stands as strong and as patriotic as our Founding Fathers did with his old-fashioned views and strong political stances. A vote for Red Foreman is the most American activity you can take part in besides firing an AR-15 on an open plain in ISIS's general direction.
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Chief Administrator - 'Red-y' to Take his Next Step Up

If elected, Red vows to bring America back to what it was during the Reagan administration. As a previously successful manager at both Price Mart and Point Place Auto Plant, Red has an incredibly large amount of economic experience. Through thick and thin, Red managed these establishment as if they were his sole love in life, just as he will as he takes command of the 2-7 million government officials he will oversee during each year that he's in office.

Chief Executive - A Naturally Born Leader

Red Foreman is the shining image of leadership, and would proudly carry on this image during his time as President of the United States. As the leader of the Executive Branch, Red Foreman would feel right at home. Putting him in office will put America in great hands.

Chief of the Party - Representing All Republicans

Red represents all the Republican party stands for and more, and he hopes to be able to represent this during his stay at the White House. He's not too extreme or too moderate, but he's definitely prepared to lead both sides of the Republican party as President of the United States.

Commander in Chief - Giving Terrorists the Boot

Militarily, Red is a take-no-crap candidate. He's all for freedom and justice for all. Nothing can stand in the way of Red when he sees liberty. Instead of attempting to negotiate with terrorists or prolonging taking action against them, Red vows to take the fight to the extremes that it needs to best protect Americans everywhere.

Chief Diplomat - An International Peacekeeper

Under Red, America will remain the powerhouse that it is today and form more bonds to further strengthen its position in the world. Although Red is militarily tough, he highly values creating long lasting bonds. As President, Red will seek to do all that he can to improve foreign policy immensely.

Chief Legislator - A Man Behind America's Interests

Congress, as we all know, is often a mess. There have been many times in recent history that Congress has tried to pass legislation that could limit the rights of all United States citizens. With Red Foreman at the reins of the country, no harmful legislation would pass his desk. In fact, Red Foreman aims to foster positive legislation as president by actively speaking with congressmen about his ideals. Red Foreman is running to become a president who passes not what is good for solely his party or the government, but for all Americans.