Prisoner B-3087

By: Alan G. Based on the true story of Ruth and Jack Greuner


The book starts with a kid named Yanek (Jack) saying that if he knew what would happen in his life, he wouldnt've complained about anything. Later, the Nazis came, right before his bar mitzvah (when a boy becomes a man) and the Nazis kept pounding on the door saying that they want all of their valuables. After they gave the Nazis all of their valuables, they decided to have the bar mitzvah in the basement. A day later, the Nazis took Yanek to a concentration camp, and after about two weeks, they kept taking him from concentration camp to concentration camp, he survived all of them, including Auschwitz, before he was freed by the Allied forces.


I think that the theme is that if you believe in yourself, you can do anything. When Yanek knew that he was being brought to a concentration camp, he didn't think that he would survive, but he survived every concentration camp.

Authors research

I think that the author did do a good job describing that some prisoners would run to the electric fences to kill themselves, so they wouldn't suffer at the concentration camps.

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My Research

I did some research, and at every concentration camp, at least on prisoner would run up to the electric fence, and jump into it.