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Edition 13 - March 20, 2022

Puppy Thoughts...

Dear K-5 Students, Families, and Staff,

Happy Spring! We hope that you have been able to enjoy some of the Spring-like weather. Warning! We have a lot of pictures in this issue, please make sure to read everything so you don't miss anything. Here are some updates/reminders:

  • Honor Roll Assemblies: Thank you all for supporting our honor roll students during our 2 assemblies. Pictures for both Quarter 1 and 2 Assemblies will be sent home by Friday of this week in student folders. Congrats to all our Honor Roll Students!

  • English MCAS Gr. 3-5: ELA MCAS begins next week for Grades 3-5 on Tuesday and Wednesday March 29-30, 2022.

  • Masks: Beginning, Monday March 21, 2022 we will be a Mask Supportive School. Students and staff will have the option to wear mask while in the SICS building. However, staff, students and visitors must still wear a mask to enter the Health/Nurse's Office.

  • Food Allergies: As a school, we enjoy giving our students a variety of treats to celebrate special events, meeting a classroom goal, etc. Some of these treats involve food. Food allergies can be an emergency for both individuals with known allergies and those having an allergic reaction for the first time. As always, our goal is to keep our students as safe as possible during the school day.

    • For any class celebrations during the school day, we will allow only store-bought foods. The ingredient label must be legible in the case of any allergy incidents.
    • The teacher must be made aware at least 3 days ahead of time if a parent is bringing food treats into school.
    • Teachers and parents must collaborate to make sure the food is acceptable for all.
    • Parents are required to also bring an alternative for students with allergies, lactose intolerance, and those with specific eating habits, such as vegetarians, vegans, etc.
    • Classroom treats can only be given in the classroom, not during lunch in the Cafeteria/Cafetorium. This will avoid disruptions during lunches, since there are students from other classes who won’t receive a treat.

    Being an “Allergy Aware” school, we have safeguards in place to promote food allergy awareness, but continue to regularly update our plan. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in keeping all of our students safe and happy.

Thank you for your help to keep our safe and successful!

Stay Smiling and Well,

Ms. Pellicier & Ms. Vazquez

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ELA MCAS Grades 3-5

Tuesday, March 29th, 8:30am to Wednesday, March 30th, 3:30pm

160 Joan Street

Springfield, MA

Students in Grades 3-5 will be taking the English Language Arts MCAS in 2 parts on Tuesday and Wednesday March 29 & 30.

  • Students should get a good night's sleep.
  • Eat breakfast.

Ways to prepare:
  • Complete all homework/classwork from teachers.

  • Complete the MCAS practice work in their student email accounts sent from Mrs. Tynan, Mrs. Murphy-Hollins, Mrs. Bourassa and/or Mrs. Reardon.

Daily Women's History Month Messages 1-19

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Health Office Reminders from Nurse Kristen and Nurse Ali

Health Screenings:

  • Every year, regular state mandated screenings are performed and heights and weights will be taking place this month for 1st and 4th grade students.

Illness Procedures: Please keep your child home from school for the following illnesses/symptoms:

  • Vomiting or Diarrhea
  • Fever of 100 degrees or more
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Strep Infection
  • Flu-like illness

If your child has a fever, they MUST be COVID tested and results provided as well as be fever-free or symptom free for 24 hours without the use of medication.

This will ensure a more full recovery and lessen the risk of passing the infection on to others. When antibiotics are prescribed, the child may return to school after being on medication for 24 hours.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please call the Health Office before sending your child to school.

K-5 Health Office Contact Info:

Nurse Kristen:

Nurse Ali:

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Missing Work for Extended Illness/Quarantine Procedure

Missing Work Procedure:

  • Parents/Guardians will contact the school office or teacher who will forward a parent's message to the health/nurse office.

  • Nurse Kristen or Ali will notify specific Teachers and Administrators that a student will be out of school for “health reasons” or quarantine for a period of days.

  • The teacher(s) will contact the parent within 24-48 hours with how to access the work either pick-up from the elementary office or electronically via email.

  • Teachers may assign work assignments to the student’s email address (cc’ing parent), curriculum provider (Math, Science, ELA) and/or MS TEAMS.
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K-5 Student and Staff Shout-Outs!

Student/Family Shout-Outs

  • Shamar (5B) is always very helpful. In math class he assist students learning multiplication facts. In ELA he helps keep his group on track. Thank you Shamar! - Ms. Bedell

  • Rachel T.B (1A) your drive and effort at home on Lexia has sparked a reading frenzy in Room 10! Children are working after school and on the weekends because they are inspired by you. Thank you for setting a great example and congratulations for reaching Level 11! - Mrs. Tynan and Mrs. Minchella

  • Azryelle and Promise (4D) for trying to help and calm down a friend who was having a tough moment. - Ms. Pellicier

Staff Shout- Outs

  • Katherine Annis: Thank you for being an absolutely wonderful addition to our classroom family and an exceptional teacher! - Lauren Chenausky

  • Thank you sooooo much Ms. Morales for helping me this week. You are awesome and I appreciate all of your help! - Shirley Vazquez

  • Thank you to all the Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade staff. I am continually impressed by your hard work and never-ending dedication to our students. I know this year hasn’t been easy, but we got this! Keep up the great work! - Shirley Vazquez

  • A special shout-out to Mrs. Stetson for always monitoring the lost and found and helping lost items be reunited with their owners. - Lisa Minchella

  • To Lisa Kelsall, a huge thank you for taking our class-written poems and turning them into a video, complete with animation and your voice over. We are all inspired to write more! - Kim Tynan and all of Room 10

  • A shout-out to Kim Tynan for cleaning the snow off a colleague's car at the end of the day a couple weeks ago. It warms my heart to see the ways everyone looks out for each other. It truly sets an example for our students.

  • Thank you to Bob Cree for making the time to come to the Gr. 5 Assembly, especially during these busy times. - Rosara Pellicier

School Uniform Policy Clarification K-12

Our school uniform policy does remain as noted in our handbook, as no hoodies, headbands, and tights of different colors and/or patterns (other than uniform colors) are not allowed.

Uniform Colors - Black, Gray, Maroon and White

However, due to the pandemic we are keeping in mind that some of our families and students are struggling financially. Due to this, we are being flexible in allowing these items for this year only.

  • Hoodies will be allowed in only uniform colors and students may not put the hood on while indoors.

  • Headbands will be allowed in any color, as long as it does not present a distraction or disruption in the school.

  • Tights of any color and/or pattern are allowed under a uniform skirt or dress. Tights cannot be worn as pants.

These allowances will be review at the end of this academic year and administration will make amendments to the uniform policy, as needed.

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