Mrs. Hodge - Spring 2014


Sculpture is an introductory semester long course where students work "hands on" with a variety of three-dimensional materials.Students will create sculptures in a studio setting. Emphasis will be on the creation of pieces that are visually interesting from all sides, balanced, stable and are well constructed. Twentieth century sculptors and art critique will also be introduced.

Your time in Sculpture will be divided by various approaches to learning:

  • Classwork – Major Assignments
  • Preliminary Sketches
  • Readings about 20th Century Sculptors
  • Group Installation/Presentation
  • Final Exam

Each student will explore a variety of media including:

  • Cardboard
  • Found Objects
  • Paper
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Plaster
  • Wire
  • Wood


Quarter Grades: All work will be graded. The process and the product are both important.

  • Assignments (Process, Effort and Finished Product) - 60%
  • Readings, Questions, Sketches, Reflections - 40%

Quarter 3 - 40%; Quarter4 - 40%; Final - 20%

Guidelines for Deadlines

Each project will have specific due dates. Projects must be handed in on time. Projects may not be worked on in class after the due date. A project may be turned in up to one week late without penalty if you have showed daily class effort, have worked outside of class before the deadline, or you were legally absent. Projects handed in more than one week late will be penalized 50% (for example if your grade was a 90% you would earn a 45%).


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