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  • The Great Migration last for 35 years. 1815 to 1850.
  • There were more than 800,000 immigrates in just 35 years!

Why did the Great Migration happen?

In the year 1815, the British government told their people that if they immigrant to Canada, they will have free land, because there were too many people in Britain and the government wanted more people in Canada (to show off how many people they had and make one more step on ruling Canada - in my view).

On the way

On the way to Canada, people died because of disease, hunger, their ship got attack, or sank. People squeeze on a ship that can only carried less than half of them.

Even though many of the immigrates died on their way to Canada, people still continued immigrating because they want a better new life.


Some people lost their family and friends and even their life, but some got a new life that was what they dream of.


People with do big decision to change their life when they are in poor or want to give up. Even though they don’t know what their future will be.


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Other Events

War of 1812

1832: Cholera Epidemic Spreads

1855: Fraser Gold Rush