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Fall Newsletter

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to enrich the educational experience of students by funding learning opportunities that would otherwise not be possible given state and federal school funding levels. Funds raised by the Foundation will support the schools in areas such as: enhanced educational programming, cultural arts, and donor direct scholarships.

There are four main categories for which we receive applications: health and wellness, science and math, fine arts, and language and humanities.

The funds raised by the Foundation are separate and will augment, but not replace, the generous support provided by booster clubs, PTOs, and other organizations that are so important to our schools.

For more information, please check out our website at www.rayderenrichment.org.

Spring 2019 REF Grant Recipients

Each year, the Foundation has a spring and fall grant allocation for Charlevoix Public Schools. Teachers are encouraged to apply for these grants to help them acquire items for their classroom which aren't provided through regular funding.

In Spring 2019, the Foundation awarded $6,407.00 towards enriching classrooms throughout Charlevoix Public Schools. Below are a few grant recipients and photos showcasing what they purchased.

Mrs. Mitchell - Charlevoix Elementary School, Kindergarten

Purchased Osmo kits for her kindergartners to utilize their fine motor skills and spatial recognition along with their school issued iPads. These kits allow students to be guided by lesson plans in many areas, but also allows them to have fun with their technology while doing so.

Mrs. Vondra - Charlevoix Elementary School, Kindergarten

Purchased yoga mats for her kindergarten class which is used throughout the day to help integrate managing emotions and focus in her students in ways that foster personal growth, stress management, and increases overall performance in the classroom.

Mrs. Muladore - Charlevoix Elementary School, 5th Grade

Purchased a tower garden and start up planting materials to showcase her students how energy and photosynthesis work, as well as the health benefits of fresh foods. This tower allows students to be involved in all the steps to set up, plant, care, and harvest these foods.

Take A Seat Fundraiser

Would you like to donate $100 or more to the Foundation? If so, have an auditorium seat named in your honor. For a $100 donation, you receive a three-year seat. For a $1,500 donation, the seat is named in your honor for a lifetime. These make great graduation gifts or a teacher's gift. Also, please consider advertising your business' name on a seat. Go to www.rayderenrichment.org for the link to donate.

About Us

In 1987, community leaders established the Rayder Enrichment Foundation (formerly the Charlevoix Schools Foundation) as a non-profit organization separate from the school system, but existing to ensure its continued excellence.

The foundation is directed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised from the community-at-large and teacher representatives. The Superintendent of Charlevoix Public Schools serves as an ex-officio member.

The Foundation collects contributions and hold the funds in an endowment managed by the Charlevoix Community Foundation. Grant spending is limited to a percentage of the interest income and is available for programs and activities that support the Foundation's mission with approval by the Foundation's Board.

By having a Foundation with an endowment that manages funds in a prudent manner and safeguards the assets, our schools have support for the future as well as today.

Rayder Enrichment Foundation

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