Magellanic Penguin


How do I describe the Magellanic Penguin?

-Latin name is Spheniscus Magellanicus.

-Magellanic penguins are birds.

-Their size is 70 cm (2.2 ft) and 4 kg (8.8 pounds)

-They speak with a loud, sorrowful, voice.

-It sounds like a donkey bray.

-There's white fur on the belly and breast and black fur on the upper parts.

-breast, belly, flanks, thighs are black


Photo Credit: dracophylla via photopin cc

Where does the Magellanic penguin belong in the food chain?

-Magellanic penguins eat fish, squids, and crustaceans.

-They find these food from the Falkland Islands.

-Magellanic penguins are carnivorous.

-They prey on fish, squids, and crustaceans.

-the Magellanic penguins' predators include foxes, rats, and cats.


Magellanic Penguins at Otway Sound, Chile


What is its habitat like?

-Magellanic penguins are found in Falklands.

-They live in a cold, tropical climate. They live near places where there's a lot of grass even if they are breeding or not breeding. They live near the coast.

-They mostly live in the open field where grass is.


How has Magellanic penguin adapted?

-During breeding time, they will stay together to protect the egg. They will help each other.

-They will migrate to the place they breed. They will be very close to protect their egg. They make certain sounds to locate and stay close to their partner.

-To prepare for returning to the ocean, the adult Magellanic penguin have to moult the feathers they have.

-They prey when it's May through August. The parents go with the babies. They are pretty desperate for food because they hunt more than anywhere else. At first, they leave their babies and hunt themselves.


Why are they endangered?

They were involved in the oil incident of 2010. Oil spilled all over the ocean where they hunt for food and they can't swim in the oil. Thousands were killed from the oil pollution. There's a risk the oil pollution will increase and kill even more penguins. People also hunt for other things but mistakenly catch one of the penguins. Other times, these penguins are used as bait. Magellanic penguin's eggs are at risk too by the predators such as foxes, rats, and cats. Tourists can harm them too by bothering them.

They are getting help from the Wildlife Conservation Society who is collaborating with other conversations. They help protect breeding grounds and help maintain their population. They decided to make a marine park for them, forbid commercial fishing, and laws were changed because they had to move the shipping lane because it became oiled.