Newsletter week 3 Term 2

East Gore School May 20th 2021

From the Principal

Tena Koutou Katoa, Talofa, Namaste, Hello and Greetings

We were very lucky to have Richard Lindsay from the Gore Police join us for a game of bullrush. Richard is the Education Officer for the Police and it is great to welcome him into our school. We had many students from all age groups join in the game at lunchtime. Richard showed some skills with his tackling and our students also showcased their skills of tackling Richard. There was a lot of sprinting, puffing, and giggling from everyone involved. Richard is going to be popping in when his calendar allows to get to know our students within his role by playing games and working alongside the staff to facilitate programmes. He is a wonderful role model to have in our school.

We have two other great role models in our school every Thursday. Sam and Joseph come into our school at lunch time and start a variety of games around the playground. They have been known to shoot hoops, play soccer (football) as well as zoom around the pump track (that was Joseph). Sam and Joseph give up their time for this and have great relationships of respect with our students. We are very lucky to have these men in our school joining in the fun with our students.

Today was Pink Shirt Day which is a movement to speak up, stand together and stop bullying. This is a great cause to get behind as we try to eliminate bullying in our school. Comments and hurtful language can easily creep into our daily lives and we all need to ensure that we are saying kind and caring things to people we meet. I heard a saying recently - 'you never know what battle someone is fighting, so be kind!' This is something we can all aspire to achieve.

Kia pai tō rā whakatā (have a great weekend).

Wendy Kitto


School Notices

Reporting an Absence

If a student is away from school for any reason we need to know. Please text, phone or use the school app to report an absence. We need a reason for absence please, this a legal Ministry of Education requirement so please don't be offended if we ask for this.

Cellphones at School

We are noticing a few students are bringing cellphones to school. They do not need them at school because we have numerous devices for the students to complete school work on. If your child needs to bring a cellphone because of an after school activity, they must hand it in at the office. At the end of the day they can collect it from Mrs Nicholson.

Lunches in School

Koha Kai are working on developing a range of lunches that our students enjoy. So far this week we have enjoyed mac n cheese, a ham wrap, a mince pie and roast chicken and vegetables.

Unfortunately the fruit we were enjoying last term is not been supplied this term, we would ask parents to send fruit or cheese along as a healthy snack each day again.

Staying in Touch

Please remember to update any changes in your contact details to the school office, its very important that we have you latest details in case of an emergency. Thank you.

Teacher Only Day

We will be having a Teacher Only Day on Friday 28 May. The purpose of this teacher only day is for all staff to refresh their first aid certificates which is a requirement of school staff. All schools are allowed to have a Teacher Only Day/s throughout the year however we always try to keep them to a minimum as we understand parents are busy working. Thank you for your support with this Teacher Only Day this term.

School Photos

School photos and individual & family photos will be taken Friday 21st May. Families wanting a family photo please be at school from 8.45am

Pink Shirt Day

It was great seeing so many in pink today in support of Pink Shirt Day!

Our Play is the Way focus for Term 2 is.

Last Term we had a big focus around ‘doing the right thing,’ it has been a good lead in to treating others as you would like them to treat you.

Respect is a very important quality to have at East Gore School and this focus will help to encourage this.

We have introduced some games that all of the classes can play to enforce “seeking to understand those who are not like you.”

Room Totara

We have enjoyed having our student teacher Maddie Baille in our class.

Miss Baille taught Room Totara the states of matter through different methods. We wrote about solids, liquids and gases.

We also enjoyed making our Mothers Day cards.

Ahiahi mārie

Room Rata's Report

Room Rata has had lots of learning going on this term. We had Cherie from the Halberg organisation come and showed us how we can adapt games so that everyone can join in regardless of their ability.

Cherie taught us to change our games so that Brooke and Evelyn can play games with us and are not left out. We played volleyball. We all had fun and now we know how we can modify games so that everyone can play.

We’ve have also been learning about the first explorers to New Zealand and about how Maui went fishing and New Zealand was formed

Senior Camp - Chocolate Fundraiser

Bars of chocolate will be available again from now for those senior camp students wanting to fundraise. Each box contains 30 bars @ $2 each.

$24 profit is made from each box sold which comes off your camp cost.

Please see Debbie in the office to collect your chocolate!

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Breakfast Club

Just a reminder Breakfast Club starts at 8:30am and finishes at 8:53.

Thank you again to our volunteers who provide this service - if you would like to be involved for half an hour any day of the week please contact the office - helpers are always very welcome.

A huge shout out to BP Gore who very generously donate bread to Breakfast Club.

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Upcoming Events

  • May 21st School Photos
  • May 21st Assembly 2.30pm
  • May 28th Teacher only Day
  • June 1st School Cross Country - Time TBC
  • June 3rd Choir Busking Main Street Gore
  • June 4th Assembly

Community Notices

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