A Way Excellent Of Energy

About Solar Energy

Solar energy is a energy coming from the heat and light of the sun. It is mostly used in places where they have lots of sun light or most of the third world country. Solar energy is reliable (most of the time) and can be found in many places; all you need for solar energy is the sun. Solar energy might cause some of your bills to be 0$. It is said if you store solar energy, you could sell it to energy plants within 50 years or so and be a millionaire. Solar energy would never run out!
How does solar energy work


This video showed how everything works if you install solar panels at your home and the benefits plus savings.

Advantages Of Solar Energy

  1. Solar energy is a completely renewable resource.
  2. The motion and movement of solar panels and cells do not make any noise.
  3. Solar energy causes 0 pollution which is very good for the environment.
  4. Even though solar panels cost a lot in the beginning you`ll later on see that you are saving a lot of energy bills.
  5. solar products are very easy to install and wont cause any destruction.
  6. Solar energy could be used at night or cloudy days even if there's no sun or anything.
  7. If you save enough you may be able to ave it for a great price.

Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

  1. It costs a lot at first to install it.
  2. You`ll have to do a lot of renovation to get to the point of installing solar panels.
  3. Not in every place there is sun so it wont be a good way of energy in every single place.
  4. Not all the suns heat turn into electricity, actually only 40% do and 60% just hang out inside.

Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

  1. Did you know that in 1 hour of sunlight solar panels could store up to 1 year of energy.
  2. Did you know that you use solar panels somewhere where you don't even notice
  3. Did you know if you store enough energy you could give it to the energy plant for money and that way you cold be a quick millionaire.
  4. there are more then 1 type of solar panels

Economic Effect of Solar Energy

  • Installing panels would save you money for a long term cause but if you keep them for a short amount of time you'll loose plenty of money.
  • Constructing wont be easy there are going to be lots of broken stuff.
  • Even though the electricity noise is silent unlike some energy there might be some sudden loud sounds if to much energy is stored at once.
  • The area where you live might give you money if you give them some energy.
  • You'll just need few solar panels to keep the neighborhood running.

Environmental Effects Of Solar Eergy

  • When a leak occur or damage is caused on a solar panels it can give out some nasty gas which can be toxic.
  • Having solar energy would reduce pollution but making it causes pollution.

Over All

Solar energy is a good way of energy. It may have few flaw's but compared to other energy its in a good position. You just need natural sunlight, some space and few thousand dollars and you'll find out how much money you will be saving on energy. Solar panel can be bought from almost any roof stores. If you ever live in a house for a long time, I suggest you get the panels now (and the other stuff like converter and things are also easy to find).