Turkey Day Run & Gobble Wobble

Booth and Race bags

InTown.com is a sponsor of the Turkey Day Run & Gobble Wobble the largest 5k in Charleston. This race is a holiday tradition for Charleston natives and travelers alike.

As a member of InTown.com I am happy to feature you in our "race pack" which will be included in the 6,000 race bags handed out at registration. I am accepting business sized cards with a call to action for your business. Some effective and popular items have been $5-10 cards that they can use anytime. Buy one/Get one Free...Free class...Free Service...Free Kids Meal. The less we put someone in a "box" with dates and restrictions the better chance we have of them walking through your door. I need these cards printed and back to me by November 11th LATEST please. That means you will need to order NOW! I have called www.VistaPrint.com and they have some reasonable rates.

6,000 one sided/color cards ....$114.98

two sided/color cards....$157.96

Fold over cards/color....$239.96

try the promo code www.vistaprint.com/25thanks to save 25% sitewide

This is an incredible opportunity for you to get in the hands of large masses of people and I hope you are able to take advantage of this and come up with something inviting. If you are NOT able to participate this time...never fear. I will continue to keep up these grass root campaigns as I know they are effective for you and welcomed by our consumers.

Other noteworthy events in November: We will have a Booth at the following

Park Day Daniel Island November 9th...6,000 attendees expected

What Woman Want Expo November 12th...2,000 attendees expected

Please let me know if you are getting materials ready so I will look out for these. Call me with any questions. I do have someone who can help you create a graphic if you are in need. Let me know!

Laura @Intown.com