What makes a good writer?

Define a "good writer"

What the world thinks a good writer is

Being a "good writer" to the world means being able to write well and construct well thought out sentences, as well as not make spelling and grammar errors.

In today's world their are two type of people. people who think they can't write. For the most part typically we all fall somewhere in the middle.

People that believe that they're good writers might say:

  • "I never make mistakes"
  • "My work is always top notch"
  • "I always get an A in english class"
That sounds like the average writer but as people think and go more in depth about writing; the world's standards of writing starts to exceed the average person and what makes a "good writer" goes to

  • "My paper got recognized as the best in the district"
  • "My essay got me a $1,000 scholarship to college"
  • "My article got published for the best"
We have all heard in today's world what makes a "good writer" our entire lives no matter the age bracket. Society has persuaded us to believe there are things that "good writers" do to obtain that title. The things we've been lead to believe is that:

  • "Good writers apply themselves"
  • "Good writers go the extra mile to claim that title"
  • "To be a good writer your work has to be above the average person"
As I stated earlier we have been persuaded to believe by society, what it means to be a "good writer". Such as how people are persuaded with commercials, but most times in those commercials people question is it really right. Besides society who really determines what it means to be a "good writer"or the "good writers that have come before us in today's world. Although who really determines what it means to be a "good writer"?
To better understand what means to be a "good writer" I conducted a survey with the help by my fellow peers. Which were by all different races and I let anyone be able to conduct their progress in this survey because it gave a variety of answers to the topic rather then a close minded topic. The races were:

  • African Americans, Caucasians, Latino's, Asians.
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From the results from my survey, the topic of what makes a "good writer" is very broad. Although the information that was provided by the results displays that there are very different ways to become or be classified a "good writer". Based on the results I can relate to the responses of what a "good writer' is, even though in my eyes there are different levels of what a "good writer" is compared to others. Some excel at being a "good writer" because, some such as that I received in the responses were recognized for their work that the preformed. As compared to others who would just get recognized on a academic level; and this people must know what it takes to be a "good writer". As compared to me I've never experienced the level of satisfaction of being classified of a "good writer" based on society's standings. Many people don't understand that until they eliminate the bases what society tries to instill into people on what makes a "a good writer".

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Research Questions

Peyton Howells
  • Age:19
  • Caucasian
  • "I think of a good writer as someone who can correctly word a sentence, and someone who has correct grammar and puncuation."
  • Mitchell Solomon
  • Age:19
  • Caucasian
  • "A good writer knows how to distinguish all kind of writing problems and not be fooled on a writing stand point"
Bobby Hauer

  • Age: 20
  • African American
  • "In today's world being classified as a "good writer" means to have high quality work and be better than the next guy.

Examples of today's society of good writers

“We’re Having a Maybe!” contains a great example of writing in your own voice and style, as if you were telling a story to friends at dinner. This is Cindy Chupack on safari in Africa, in her bungalow: “Then I heard this thump thump thump thump thump, and I knew something wasn’t right, so I got up and looked into the living room, and there were seven monkeys, throwing food around, and they froze as if I had just walked in on a teenagers’ party. One was on a table by a big bowl of fruit, and it just stared at me, holding an apple, midbite.”

Good writers are “particular.” That is, they have a unique way of expressing themselves that goes beyond drawing readers in. They keep readers hooked, and make them beg for more. Some writers may be born with these writing skills, but most of us have to work at it.

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A remarkable writer can:

  • Scan a sales letter and immediately identify specific problems … and then articulate the solution to those problems.
  • Read a story and pinpoint where the story fails — and why.
  • Review a speech and offer advice on how to make a lecture open and close with a bang.
  • "Writing is in some way being able to sit down the next day and go through everything you wanted to say, finding the right words, giving shape to the images, and linking them to feelings and thoughts. It isn’t exactly like a social conversation because you aren’t giving information in the usual sense of the word or flirting or persuading anyone of anything or proving a point; it’s more that you are revealing something whole in the form of a character, a city, a moment, an image seen in a flash out of a character’s eyes".

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