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Staff and Partner Bulletin May 5, 2016

This Week at REA

The Week in the REA Community

Monday, May 2, 2016 (A Day)


8:30-9:25- Hunter in Orange Pod First Floor

2:00 Eileen Diamond visits Riverview for May Upload

7:00 East End Community Council - LeBlond

Varsity Baseball @ Western Hills/ Jr High Baseball @ Western Hills

Tuesday, May 3, 2016 (A Day)

8:30-9:25- Hunter in Orange Pod Second Floor

9:30 Senior Meeting Library

1:00 Sixth Grade Summer Bridge Meeting Green Pod First Floor

Bell 6: Seventh Grade Summer Bridge Meeting Yellow Pod Second Floor

Bell 7 Eighth Grade Summer Bridge Meeting Yellow Pod Second Floor

After School: Grades 3rd-5th Tennis -

After School 2nd and 3rd Cooking Club

Varsity Baseball v Seven Hills

Wednesday, May 4, 2016 (A Day)

8:30-9:25—Hunter in Green Pod Second Floor

Data Meetings

12:30 AP In-Service- Dearwester and Myers Out

4:00 Admin Meeting

Varsity Baseball v Western Hills

After School: 4th-8th Goal Getter Character Club

Thursday, May 5, 2016 (A DAY)

8:00 Special Education Meeting

8:00 PD Committee

8:00 Accountability Meeting

8:30-9:25—Hunter in Blue/Yellow Pod Second Floor
2:00 Toastmasters- Change in date

6:00 Sports Banquet

After School -K-1st Dance class, 4th-8th Cooking Club--Whiz Kids Tutoring

Friday, May 6, 2016 (B Day)

Teams must do district curriculum in advisory

Team Meetings

11:00 Myers out of building to meet with Myles JCG

2:00 Myers out of building to meet with Lofton Coach's meeting

Varsity Baseball @ Miami Valley

After School: 2nd and 3rd Nutrition class

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Car Wash

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

Looking Ahead At REA

Next Week:

Week of May 9
Case Coordinator's Interviews

Tuesday: 12:00 Mental Health Meeting

Tuesday: Read With the Principal

Tuesday: Myers out of building 4:00 EIP

Wednesday: Data Meetings

Wednesday: 4:00 Admin Meeting

Thursday: GAIC tutor Party

Thursday: LSDMC

Thursday: National Honor Society Induction

Friday: Myers leaves 1:30 due to Admin Meeting at Ed Center

Friday: Team Meetings

SWITCH IN SCHEDULE Starting with Bell 7 Grade 7/8

Grade 7-8 A Day

Start Time End Time Minutes Passing

Homeroom 9:22 AM 9:27 AM 0:05 0:00:00

Bell 7 9:27 AM 10:22 AM 0:55 0:03

Bell 6 10:25 AM 11:20 AM 0:55 0:03

Bell 5 11:23 AM 12:18 PM 0:55 0:03

Lunch 4 12:21 PM 12:51 PM 0:30 0:03

Bell 3 12:54 PM 1:49 PM 0:55 0:03

Bell 2 1:52 PM 2:47 PM 0:55 0:03

Bell 1 2:50 PM 3:45 PM 0:55

Ms. Bohmer would have to take lunch with 7/8

Backwards Schedule Grades 9-12 Monday - Thursday

High School

Start Time End Time Minutes Passing

Homeroom 9:22 AM 9:27 AM 0:05 0:00:00

Bell 7 9:27 AM 10:22 AM 0:55 0:03

Bell 6 10:25 AM 11:20 AM 0:55 0:03

Bell 4 11:23 AM 12:18 PM 0:55 0:03

Bell 3 12:21 PM 1:16 PM 0:55 0:03

Lunch 5 1:19 PM 1:49 PM 0:30 0:03

Bell 2 1:52 PM 2:47 PM 0:55 0:03

Bell 1 2:50 PM 3:45 PM 0:55

Backwards Schedule Primary and Intermediate

Grades K – 6 Normal Schedule (A Day)

Bell 7 9:27 AM 10:22 AM 0:55 0:03 Reg Schedule/Testing

Bell 6 10:25 AM 11:20 AM 0:55 0:03 Reg Schedule/Testing

Lunch 3 11:23 AM 11:53 AM 0:30 0:03 Lunch

Bell 5 11:56 AM 12:51 PM 0:55 0:03 5/6 Prep

Bell 4 12:54 PM 1:49 PM 0:55 0:03 3/4 Prep 1 section of Primary goes to Music

Bell 2 1:52 PM 2:47 PM 0:55 0:03 Primary Prep-Music and Gym

Bell 1 2:50 PM 3:45 PM 0:55 Reg Schedule/Testing

Colleague out for rest of year.

As many of you know, we have had many colleagues who have had to deal with extraordinary personal issues this year. We always want to respect the privacy of the staff who are experiencing challenges. Administration has been informed that Rashida King will be out for the rest of the year and is set to return next school year. We are hopeful that Rashida gets well soon.

Today, state upload is due. Please be patient with us.

Summer Student Work- Math and Reading

We have been doing summer work for the past three years for our students. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not. We want to hear from you. The coaches have prepared some documents for you to review and want your feedback. Please prepare to meet with them regarding this so that we can have a successful summer work situation for our students.

Final Conferences

Final conferences for staff need to happen within the next two weeks. The conference also consists of staff signing off on their final summative rating. For most staff that is already done. There are a few loose ends not complete expected to be complete this week. Please, first READ YOUR EVALUATION. Don't know why that is not obvious. Next, pin your evaluations if you feel like you can. The conferences are not expected to last long because the Four Squares have been used in the place of this final conference. Please see your evaluator for the meeting times that may be convenient for you.

Staff Meeting Reading

Please read pages 29-44 even if you don't read anything else. We have an activity for those pages. Please be sure to read that section so that you could participate.

Special thanks to our amazing Professional Development Committee and all the presenters. You hit a homerun again. Great job.

Staff Volunteering

It certainly takes a village to run a school. Would like to extend thank yous to all staff who stayed long hours for interviewing candidates. We have some great new additions to our staff.

Please sign up for Graduation with Ms. Harris.

Advisory during Testing

We WILL be having advisory during testing. The challenge is that we are not completing the necessary assignments. We were also instructed that if we don't have advisement during testing, we will need to make it up during other dates. Ann Allen and administration will be around to do Walkthroughs around advisement. Students should be completing curriculum as outlined by the Advisement Committee. Look for information from the Committee to determine what is needed.

Summer Bridge

We have an opportunity to have a special program called the Invertebrate Olympics for our Summer Bridge. It is a special program for students throughout Cincinnati Public Schools. We will have a speaker coming in to speak with students to pump up the interest. The schedule is as follows:

May 3: 1:00 Sixth Grade Green Pod First Floor

May 3: 6th Bell: Seventh Grade Yellow Pod Second Floor

May 3 7th Bell: Eighth Grade Yellow Pod Second Floor

Classes will be called when ready. Thanks for allowing us to do this.

BLT Form in ILT

We have come up with some strategies regarding attendance that will be put into place as we end the school year and into next school year. Look for updates.


In the past, Linking has been something primarily completed by elementary teachers. This year, it is likely that all teachers in K-10, possibly 11 in American Government will be linking their courses with their students. Linking is a process whereby students in your classroom are linked to you as a teacher. There is a set of instructions that will be given to you regarding this process. There is also a state mandated time frame. Please look for emails regarding this. Any teacher that is an academic teacher in the grade levels above could be asked to complete this process. When we get directions, they will be given to you.

Are you winning the Biggest Loser???? Get Weighed in. Contest ends May 15th. Keep it Healthy!!

Professional Learning Communities Book

We are going to review this book in Staff Meetings throughout this year and next school year as part of our pathway to improve our work and meet the state guidelines for an Ohio Model for the Priority School status. It is a very easy read. If you are planning on not returning to Riverview, please make sure that as you depart, you turn in your book as a part of the check out process. Please complete Chapters 1-3 for the May faculty meeting. We will have an activity associated with those chapters.


You will be receiving a document by Tuesday that asks you to have your students sign off that they completed the ADVANCED ED survey. We only have 123 surveys out of 397. PLEASE COMPLETE THIS. Have students sign off that they completed the survey.

THIS IS THE LINK. Students also got a copy of it in email.


All students 7-12 should take the survey. The survey counter will determine which students have taken the survey. Please be sure to review this with your students.

We are working on how to get the elementary students to take the survey. Thank you for getting this done.

Evan's Story

Thursday, April 14th, 6pm

3555 Kellogg Avenue

Cincinnati, OH

We have an opportunity to have an expert present at our school to our parents about Suicide Awareness and Prevention. Officer Stevenson has arranged this presentation. We will be sending a flyer home to all students in grades 7-12.

Please see the attached link to the flyer being sent home.


Please help with uniform enforcement, and the small things to help us avoid the big things :)

Professional Development Opportunities

Upcoming Mayerson Classes from the PD Committee:

Co-teaching Roundtable: Interested in learning about co-teaching. Here are some dates to keep in mind:

5/11/16: Becoming a Co-Teaching Model in Your Building