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March 17, 2017

Our Flight Pattern

Welcome to the E.H. Greene Intermediate School Newsletter! We will share important information and highlight the great things our students and teachers are doing at our school. You can expect this in your inbox each week on Friday afternoons.

Attendance Line: (513) 686-1756


March 20-24 - Spring Break - School Resumes March 27

March 28 - Flag Football Begins

March 27-31 - Promise to Care Week

March 31 - Report Cards will be Mailed

AIR Testing Information

Here is important information regarding the upcoming AIR Test:

Testing Schedule:

AIR Testing Schedule:

Testing Time approx. 8:45-10:30

Wednesday, April 5th- 5th & 6th Grade ELA

Thursday, April 6th- 5th & 6th Grade ELA

Monday, April 10th- 5th & 6th Grade Math

Tuesday, April 11th- 5th & 6th Grade Math

Wednesday, April 12th- 5th Grade Science & 6th Grade Social Studies

Thursday, April 13th- 5th Grade Science & 6th Grade Social Studies

Special Schedule:

All Specials will be between 1:14-2:46 the following days

Wednesday, April 5th- B Day- 6th grade attend B Day specials - no 5th grade specials

Thursday, April 6th- C Day- 5th grade attend C Day specials - no 6th grade specials

Monday, April 10th- E Day- 6th grade attend E Day specials - no 5th grade specials

Tuesday, April 11th- A Day- 5th grade attend A Day specials - no 6th grade specials

Wednesday, April 12th- B Day- 6th grade attend B Day specials - no 5th grade specials

Thursday, April 13th- C Day- 5th grade attend C Day specials - no 6th grade specials

Click here for a printable version of the testing schedule.


All students will have the capability of using the text to speech feature on the Math, Science, and Social Studies Tests. Please send earbuds with your student so they have the option of using this feature.

Promise To Care Week

“Promise to Care Week” is STARTING MARCH 27th here at E.H Greene. We will be collecting items to be donated to local distribution centers and shelters. Our intent is to stock the shelves of two local pantries (N.E.E.D.S and Operation Give Back) with food and other items needed during the summer months. We will also collect donations for the Heart Animal refuge, a local no-kill animal shelter in our area. Beginning Monday, March 27, we will start accepting donations. All donations are appreciated but there is a need for the following items; Dish detergent, Clorox wipes, Ziploc bags, boxed potatoes, boxed dinners, salad dressing, spaghetti sauce, boxed pasta, canned pasta (spaghetti-o’s, etc.) canned soups, canned fruits, cake mixes and frosting. For each item donated, you will receive a “Promise to Care” ticket to be filled out and entered into a drawing for prizes. On Friday afternoon, March 31st, we will draw the tickets for the winners of gift cards and various local business such. There will be separate drawings for 5th and 6th grade.


For the next several weeks we will include a section on transition. This will have information for students transitioning both to Greene as well as to the Junior High. The grade level below represents the grade you will be in NEXT SCHOOL YEAR.

Rising 5th Graders:

Last call! If you did not submit this, please send it in Monday, March 27!

A reminder to our rising 5th graders, the Student Information Form was due to the Greene School o Friday, March 17.. We will use this information as we determine team placements for next school year. Please send forms directly to the Greene School.

Rising 6th Graders:

Last call! If you did not submit this, please send it in Monday, March 27!

A reminder to our rising 6th graders, the Student Information Form was due to the Greene School on Friday, March 17. We will use this information as we determine team placements for next school year. Please send forms directly to the Greene School. We will also be making changes to the scheduling process. You can find more information here.

Rising 7th Graders:

If you missed the Academic Fair, you can click the link below to view the presentation.

5 Tips to Help Kids Build Online Digital Literacy Skills

Today’s students are surrounded by technology, an ever-evolving new frontier that is part of their daily lives now and will continue to be during college and their careers. Because of this, students must develop digital literacy skills. Digital literacy is the knowledge and skills used across devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs, and the ability to find meaning from the information delivered through these different platforms. Many students already have a keen understanding of technology—and many adults must learn to keep up. Click here to read the rest of this article.


Please mark your calendars for our final Box Tops collection, April 3 - 7. The wing in each grade that collects the most Box Tops will receive an extra recess! Students should please turn Box Tops in to their homeroom teacher. For more information including a list of participating products, visit

Know! To Stop, Drop and Breathe

“Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” ― Ambrose Bierce

Even as adults, anger can be a difficult emotion to control, especially when it involves a child who continues to defy his or her parents. No one can push our buttons like our own children. However, the importance of exhibiting self-control in order to discipline a child appropriately, is monumental.

An angry parent is scary enough. An angry parent who is in the habit of yelling and screaming, swearing and/or calling their child names, is likely to cause even more harm, since a child’s very sense of ‘self’ depends so greatly on mom and dad. As for hitting, slapping or other physical force toward a child; it is likely to not only cause fear and hurt in the present, but can leave lasting, negative impressions that follow the child into adulthood, including relationship problems, as well as increased risk for substance abuse, among other issues.

We love our children more than anything, but we all get frustrated and angry with them at times – that’s human nature. We are the adult in the relationship, however, so we must behave like one to express that frustration and anger properly. We must also keep in mind that we are our children’s role models. They, of course, get angry too. And how they handle their anger will depend a great deal on what they’ve learned by watching us. So think about the qualities and characteristics you want to create and nurture within your child, and the type of person you want your child to become. Dr. Laura Markham, clinical psychologist and author of Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids, offers these tips as effective, positive ways to discipline your child, that encourage better behavior, while keeping your emotions in-check:

Set limits and expectations BEFORE you get angry: Make sure the rules are clear and clearly known.

Calm down BEFORE you take action: Anger causes us to lose our ability to think clearly. So if your heart is beginning to race and your body is starting to tense, it is time to STOP, DROP (your agenda, just for a minute), and BREATHE. This is like hitting the pause button on the situation.

Take five or 10: You may need to step away for a moment to gain your composure and harness your self-control. Exiting does not let your child win. Instead it lets them know how serious the situation is, plus it models self-control. Just say, as calmly as you can, “I am too mad right now to talk about this. I am going to take a moment and calm down.”

WAIT before disciplining: Make it a point NEVER to act while angry. Nothing says you have to hand out a punishment on the fly. In fact, when we do, it is more likely to be irrational. Give yourself time to think; you can say something like, “I want to think about what just happened, and we will talk about it later. In the meantime, I need to make dinner and you need to finish your homework, please.” The suspense will be much more powerful than a list of empty threats that are not enforced because they were said in the heat of the moment.

AVOID PHYSICAL FORCE, NO MATTER WHAT: This is an instance where hands-off parenting is a must. According to Dr. Laura, getting physical may make YOU feel better temporarily because it discharges your rage, but it is bad for your child, and ultimately sabotages everything positive you do as a parent.

Monitor your tone and word choice: Nothing positive comes from swearing and/or speaking disrespectfully to children. It will only cause upset and further escalate the situation. Speaking in a calm tone, using appropriate language, helps us to remain calm and helps our children to respond more calmly.

Consider that you’re part of the problem: Angry parents are more likely to produce angry kids. Be open to emotional growth, take responsibility to manage your own emotions first, and seek assistance if needed. Your positive example will bring your child closer to you, make them want to please you more and it will set the foundation for them in knowing how to appropriately deal with negative emotions.

For the full article, How to Handle Your Anger at Your Child, and more detailed tips on peaceful parenting by Dr. Laura, click here.

Source: Aha! - Laura Markham Ph.D., Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids: How to Handle Your Anger at Your Child.

Camp Invention is coming to Sycamore Community School District!

Since 1990, Camp Invention has taken summer fun and transformed it from ordinary to extraordinary!

In partnership with the National Inventors Hall of Fame, Edwin H. Greene Intermediate School is pleased to offer the nationally-acclaimed Camp Invention program to children entering grades 1st-6th. It’s an exciting, weeklong summer adventure with lessons that explore connections between science, technology, engineering and innovation. Children will work together to seek solutions to real-world problems and sharpen critical 21st century learning skills while rotating through several fascinating modules. The week begins on June 5, 2017 with Chris Gutermuth serving as Director of the Launch program!

Here is how young innovators will be spending their time:

  • Engaging creative thinking to design and build their own duct tape creations

  • Experiencing the power of rocket science by building and launching rubber band rockets

  • Exploring aerodynamics to blast water rockets made from plastic bottles more than 50 feet in the air

  • Taking apart nonworking machines and devices to investigate their inner operations

All activities give participants the opportunity to explore, discover and achieve while having fun!

Local educators will facilitate program modules and enthusiastic high school students will serve as Leadership Interns ensuring that one program team member is in place for every eight children.

Register on or before March 20, 2017 using promo code Discover25 to receive $25 OFF the base price of $225. Every registration includes a complimentary Camp Invention t-shirt. Availability is limited, so visit or call 800.968.4332 to secure your child’s spot today!

Flight Fest 2017

Please join us for a 5K walk/run, 10K run and festival (a.k.a. carnival) Registration is now open!

New this year – take advantage of the early bird registration perk and receive a custom race bib with your name!

Immediately after the race, come join the festival fun!

There will be inflatables, games, bid-n-buy, karaoke, food and more!

Aviator Flight Fest helps support over 20 extra-curricular clubs and activities for our 800+ students in grades 7 and 8 at Sycamore Junior High School.

This is the only school fundraiser for the year so we need your support! Interested in volunteering – please email

Sycamore Band & Orchestra Boosters Mattress Sale Fundraiser!! Saturday, April 29

The Sycamore Band & Orchestra Boosters will be sponsoring our Second Annual mattress sale on Saturday, April 29. This has been a very successful fundraiser in local school districts for the past 10 years. We are very excited to be able to sponsor this event here at Sycamore High School once again this year.

Brand new, name brand, top quality mattress sets with full manufacturer warranties. Much higher quality for price than a retail store! All sizes, price ranges, delivery and free layaway will be available. Floor models will be on display at Sycamore High School from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, April 29. If you, or anyone you know is in the market for a new mattress… check out this fundraiser!! If you need a new mattress before this sale or have any questions, please contact Ultimate Fundraising Solutions at

Proceeds from every sale will benefit SBOB