Inventions 3-5

MP4 Week 5

Course Announcements

This Week:

No Chat's Tuesday due to PSSA's

If you miss your chat on Tuesday, please feel free to attend another chat time (see course moodle page) or view the recording!

We'll be reviewing:

Our carbon footprint and trash tracker results in chat!
We'll be problem solving:

What can we do to reduce our carbon footprint?
We'll be discussing:

What is upcycling and why is it important?

We'll be doing:

What can I invent by upcycling?

Extra Time for this Inventions Mission!

So you'll have plenty of time to be creative, this invention mission is not due until Sunday 5/17! Remember, this Sunday 5/10 is Mother's Day, in case you want your upcycle invention to be Mother's Day gift! But, it doesn't have to be!
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See You In CyberSpace!