Merci a thousand times...

...and Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to say ''merci'' for this incredible year!

At this very special time of the year, I just wanted to say ''merci'' to those of you who have contacted me for a guided tour this year in Quebec City. I started this small business in 2015 not really knowing how far it would take me. More than 130 tours (only in 2016) later, I now have my answer! Thank you for being part of my dream and may Peace, Joy and Happiness be yours this Holiday Season and throughout the New Year.

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There is a good 30 cm (12 inches) of snow and a freezing -20C (-4F) outside has I write these lines now in Qc City.

Thank you for the Trip Advisor reviews!

Thank you for taking the time to write such amazing reviews on my Trip Advisor page. You cannot imagine how much it helps me! If you did not write a review, it's not too late; just click on the link below.I thank you in advance!

I love photos!

If you took pictures during our tour, I would love to have a copy of them. I always like to have pictures with my guests! You can send them to my email address below. Thanks!

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Where should I spend my vacations in 2017?

I like to take a good 2 weeks off during November, during my off-season. This year, Sébastien, my boyfriend, and I, had a wonderful 2-week vacation in Northern France with a quick stop in Paris. Where should I go next? As a tour guide, you must imagine how much I love travelling! I would love to hear your suggestions! (click on the link below)

Thank you again and Happy Holidays!

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