Thomas Hart Benton

A famous painter

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Early life

Thomas was born on April 15 1889 in Neosho Missouri. He was the oldest out of three. He loved to draw when he was little. His mother encorged him to draw when his father did not. Thomas moved to Washington DC in 1889. He went to the Capatal city one time and he loved the pictures he saw there. Thomas also learned how to draw cartoon figures out of a Washington Post.

The Start of Painting

Thomas became restless in Nesho and left home to Joplin Missouri in 1906. Thomas's father got very sick so Thomas came back home to vist him. His vist to his father changed his life. He began painting ordanry Americans not often shown in art. Thomas started making drawing tips that took him across the world. He visted steel mills, coal mines, and logging camps to do his artwork.


He made common people into heros. Also to show people what is happening in cruel ruarl areas . Thomas drew villins and the paintings looked powerful and rich. Thomas became the leader of a movement called regionusion.

Thomas Hart Bentons Death

He moved to Kansas City Missouri in 1935. He died January 19,1975 ( age 85). He kept painting till the end of his life. He did his process of artwork by looking at clay modal. Some people did not like Thomas's work. Also people thought he was to outspoken about poltics. If you want to see his artwork you can go to the Truman library in Missouri. His paintings are also in musems and books.

By: Raquel Tenbrink