The Six

By: Mark Alpert

Transfer your useless, teenage, handicapped self, Into an AI robot smarter than anybody else!


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Science Fiction

"Just like the human brain, the thoughts will organize themselves into a conscious intelligence, a self-aware entity that can set goals for itself and communicate with others, either by text or speech synthesizer. And the 'personality' of this new intelligence would be identical to the same memories and emotions and characters traits."

Hey teenagers, listen up! Is your life on the verge of death because you are handicapped? Do you ever feel left out and teased? Was it ever your dream to walk and be normal again?

Well, you have come to the right place! We can make your useless body into a lively and very intelligent AI (Artificial Intelligence) robot! It doesn't even hurt. You will only feel a little stretching, but in a knick of time, you will feel as good as new as you start to receive all your memories of your past life when you change your body to this robot! Your past body will be no longer alive, but you will still have memories of your life. You will have more powers than a normal human, because you can electronically transfer "yourself" into any machine and operate it! In the quote, the main character's (Adam) dad is a technology genius. Adam's dad speaks and explains how and what this intelligent robot he created can do that relates to you and human life. Since Adam has muscular dystrophy and will be dying in a few months, he has decided to take this path to turn himself into a robot, and succeeded! The slogan is representing a way to persuade you to help yourself and become this robot rather than die. It says that if you are like Adam who will be dying soon because of a disease that has made you handicapped, then this is the correct thing for you! It also explains how this robot is very intelligent and that is smarter than anyone else . Therefore, all of you teenagers should definitely turn yourself into this AI robot!