New Literacy Instruction

Improving Reading Comprehension!

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What Is New Literacy Instruction?

New literacy instruction is the implementation of different types of technology into a literacy program.

Why Is It Important?

Research has shown that new literacy instruction has several benefits for students. One of the benefits is that it improves reading comprehension both on and offline. It helps students learn how to perform research and comprehend informational texts. Another benefit is that it prepare students for the future by providing them with the skills and tools they will need to use technology in their education or in their career.
Digital Literacy-Using Technology in the Classroom

Ideas For Implementing New Literacy Instruction


A Vision for 21st Century Learning

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Raven Carter

I am a junior at East Carolina University and an Elementary Education major with a concentration in reading. I hope that this page encourages fellow teachers to implement new literacy instruction into their classrooms and helps them in ways to do so.