The Grillo Gazette

May 29, 2015

Motion & Design

4G students discussed how energy, or the capacity to do work, comes in two forms; potential or kinetic. Students were challenged to move their vehicles using rubber band energy. 4G predicted and investigated how variations in rubber band energy effect the distance their vehicles travel and discussed the relationship between the number of turns of the rubber band around the axle and the distance their axle driven vehicles travel.

Borough Hall

A big thanks to Mayor Kasko and his team for teaching us all about our local government at Borough Hall. We were able to conduct a mock commissioners meeting, see the jail cell (a big hit among the students), and learn from tax assessors, clerks, and zoning officers. Students really enjoyed this amazing day at Borough Hall!

Shark Tank Projects!

Entrepreneurs cooperatively planned, designed, marketed and priced their sneakers. We were thrilled to show off our sneaker companies and make a pitch to “billionaire” classmates in hopes for an investment. Teams did an amazing job presenting their power points. In fact, EVERYONE struck a deal! Check out some shots from this special day below!
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Writers Workshop

Informational writers understand that writers use strategies they've learned in the past and apply them to new situations, working with more independence and skill each time.

We completed research for an informational chapter about a focus topic within the American Revolution. Ask your child if they are writing about The Boston Massacre, The Battle of Trenton, the Boston Tea Party, Betsy Ross or another topic!

4G authors also understand that writers improve their writing by adding details. We know that history writers try to include details that help readers picture what happened long ago. We mastered elaboration by studying a famous writer on historical fiction, Jean Fritz. Stong history writers also think about the three most important story elements: character, setting, and conflict.

National Liberty Museum

4G had a blast during our trip to Philadelphia at the National Liberty Museum! We discovered how influential each person’s voice is in building a peaceful future for the citizens of the world. Learners also stopped to recognize and appreciate diversity in our society. Thanks to all the chaperones for your help!

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Mathematicians discussed linear measurements and cubic units in terms of volume. We used cubes to visualize the volume of rectangular prisms. 4G discussed capacity and built a 3-D metric square. We derived a formula for volume and solved cube stacking problems.

Readers Workshop

Readers are pros at questioning text details to identify authors purpose. We discussed diagrams, labels, and captions within a magazine article. Students are able to use non-fiction text features in order to monitor our own comprehension of the text. We checked our understanding of compare and contrast relationships while reading a student favorite, "Owen and Mzee."


  • As your child may have mentioned, as summer approaches the temperature in our classroom is rising again! Please send your child in with a water bottle, and ensure they are dressed lightly.
  • 6/17- Field Day
  • 6/19- Last Day of School