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Daily Reading at Home

Reading at home is very important. It allows your child to practice the reading skills that we are working on at school, allows extra time each day for developing fluency, and helps build a life-long love of reading.

My plan is to have your child read for 15 minutes each evening at home and log the minutes on a monthly calendar. I know some nights at home are busier than others, so any five nights out of seven during the week will be fine. I ask that you log the minutes on the calendar each time your child reads. At the end of each month please total the minutes, sign the calendar at the bottom and return it to school. You can encourage a good balance by sometimes having your child read silently and sometimes read aloud to you. Please continue to read aloud to your child as well. It is still a very important part of your child’s reading development to have good reading modeled by an adult.

On the days that your child has guided reading with me, he or she will bring home the guided reading book to read to you. These books will be at your child’s instructional level, which means that it should be slightly above your child’s independent level. We will have worked through it together here at school prior to it coming home, but you may need to offer support at home as well. Each child will have guided reading three to five days a week. On the days when your child does not have guided reading, a free choice book will be picked by your child from the reading basket. These books will be at a variety of levels, so I ask that you read these books aloud to your child or that you read them together if needed. Never challenge your child to the point of frustration with a book that is too difficult. This may discourage your child from developing a desire to read! We will not start guided reading for a few weeks, so the books coming home in the next few weeks will all be free choice books.

If your child does not bring a book from school, he or she will have to choose from the books that you have at home. Please help your child choose from a variety of genres- fiction, nonfiction, poetry, magazines, etc.

Let me know if you have any questions. You can reach me at 662-7909. Thanks for your support!!