5th Grade News

what's going on?


Thank you everyone for your help to make boot camp successful. I hope your students gained as many lessons as we did from this experience!

If you haven't yet turned in your camo pants (clean), please do so ASAP

Also, if you still have one of Mrs. Leyhew's copies of Number the Stars, please turn in ASAP as well.

Weekly demerit sheets will be in the Friday folder each week starting this week. Please sign and return on Mondays in the Friday folder. Thank you for support in helping us prepare your children for 6th grade.

$7- Lavender (see SS section below)

4/12- Progress reports

4/14- Spring pictures due (even if you aren't purchasing, the proof needs to be returned)

4/15- No school

4/17- Open house, please invite any prospective families to visit

4/21- Mr. Lavender field trip on campus (see SCI/SS section for more info)

4/28- Legacy of Light Gala- Mike Huckabee

Upcoming Tests: Math (Wednesday)


We are getting ready to begin a new novel study. This time students will have 5 books from which to choose. All of the books available deal with wilderness and survival. This will be followed up with survival skills in Mrs. Bowman's room in May. Unless absolutely necessary, books will stay at school (I bought them out of pocket and only have enough for one class at a time)- that means, come to school every day ready to read and analyze along with our other lessons. We aren't slowing down yet!

AR goal for the quarter is 50,000 words.


Next week, we will continue Physical Science where we left off before Boot Camp.

On Monday, Mr. Tim Lavender will come speak to us about aviation.

We are planning a full day of building and testing airplanes with him the following week.

He brings all supplies for each student and volunteers his time; so each student is required to bring $7 for their materials.

Information paper will come home next Monday.

This will be a fun way to learn some physical science.


Ch. 11 test on Wednesday


Leyhew- John the Baptist

Bowman- Ester

Cooper- bible studies