The Plan for Goverment

A Guide to the Constitution

Reasons for a the Constitution

The Articles were just simply not working.

Peoples rights were not protected which sparked riots throughout of the states .

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Delegates at the Convention

Many big names such as:

George Washington

Benjamin Franklin

and 53 other delegates from the states

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States complaints of their representation in congress was big states against small ones.

This was resolved into having two houses the house of representatives and the senate one would be based on population and the other each state would have on vote

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The issue of whether if states should count slaves in population was resolved in the following manner: Salves would be counted 3/5 man
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Separation of power

The government would be divided into 3 branches (legislative, judicial, executive) and would be under a system of checks and balances
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How the constitution can be changed

Amendments can be placed on the constitution and must be presented formally in Congress.
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