levers rule !!!!

by Zoe and Savannah


Leavers are something to help you work. There are three parts to a leaver: a fulcrum, effort, and the load. there are also three types of levers a first class lever is like a teeter totter. a second class lever is like an incline plane. a third class lever is like a nut cracker


you can left things like an eraser. you can crush things like a nut with a nut cracker. you can squish things like lever and squish marshmallows by pushing down on that end with that e the marshmallows are under. you can cut like paper with severs. you can tighten and loosen things like bolts. you can move things or stop things.

our progect

dont forget, levers rule !!!!

intresting info

did you know your jaws are a pair of levers because you are cutting something. did you know some animals can open nuts with rocks but we cant we would need a nut open witch is a lever.

sience behind levers

when you put effort down what is on the other side will go up or it will break what's in between it nothing is on

when you put effort on the side that nothing is on and that other side will go up because when you have a fulcrum lets it stay so that other side well fly up

the gravity is