The Patrick Henry Post

November 6th, 2020

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Welcome to November!

It seems incredibly hard to believe it, but we have already completed the first week of November! The leaves are changing into beautiful autumn colors, our students are deep into their curricular content, and our staff members are hard at work teaching new skills and lessons daily. As we approach Thanksgiving break, I want to take a moment and begin a month of reflection and gratitude. This week, I found myself feeling consistently thankful for our students. Our Patrick Henry kids are the reason we love what we do. We love seeing their growth academically and socially, and we love challenging them in the classroom and in their emotional learning as well! I am so thankful that I get to work with preschoolers who always make me laugh, kindergarteners who ask amazing and inquisitive questions, first graders who always want to show me something they just discovered, second graders who always want to do their best, third graders who always want to learn something new, fourth graders who always want to dig deeper into their favorite subjects, and fifth graders who always want to connect with their peers and staff.

As we move through this month, what makes you happy? What are you feeling grateful for? Send your feelings of gratitude to my email and I'll incorporate them into our next Patrick Henry Post!

Highlight on Virtual Learning

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Thank you to Ms. Wildermuth, Ms. Versen, Ms. Ivory, and Ms. Von Behren!

Patrick Henry has close to 40% of our students working from home this quarter. Ms. Wildermuth teaches our preschool and kindergarten students, Ms. Versen teaches our first and second graders, Ms. Ivory teaches our third and fourth graders, and Ms. Von Behren has our fifth grade students. In late October, each of these educators received new students and new grade levels so that they could accommodate our families' requests to stay virtual for second quarter. They have been holding down the virtual fort with class and grace, and we are so proud of what they've been able to accomplish with their students at home! Take a look at their achievements over the last three weeks of school!

Virtual Field Trips

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Did you know that our students are still able to take field trips this year? Each of our classes will go on at least one special field trip through the virtual world. Pictured here is Ms. Hammock's fourth grade class on a field trip with The Magic House! Where will each grade go next??