Welcome to Rhode Island

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Founding of Rhode Island

Rhode Island became a state on May 29, 1790, and was founded in 1636. It was founded by an English Protestant named Roger Williams. Williams was banned from Massachusetts Bay Colony because of his religious beliefs, so he settled in Narragansett bay. Narragansett tribes led him around, and eventually he called the land Providence and made it a place of religious freedom.
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Rhode Island seal

Naming of Rhode Island

Rhode Island was either named for the Isle of Rhodes in the Mediterranean Sea, or it was named by the Dutch explorer, Adriaen Block, after its red clay. He called it Rood Eylandt, which means red island in Dutch.

Rhode Island Colony

Rhode Island is a joint-stock colony.

Industries of Rhode Island

Some of the major industries in Rhode Island include jewelry and silverware. Some other items produced include rubber and plastic goods, instruments, and machinery.

Major Cities of Rhode Island

Climate of Rhode Island

Rhode Island has a typically humid climate, with short summers and cold winters. Snowfall average is usually 37 inches a year. Overall average precipitation is 45.6 inches a year. Weather in Rhode Island is inconsistent, and occasionally there are severe storms and hurricanes.

Ex. of a Rhode Island tide chart (Narragansett)

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