Paleozoic Era: Permian Period

By: Gretta Goertzen

Geologic Events

During the Permian Period the deserts that are in the tropical areas became larger. Also the supercontinent Pangaea forms causing severe extremes of its climate and environment because of its huge size. The extinctions in the Permian Period is estimated to have wiped out more than 90 percent of all marine species and 70 percent of land animals. These rapid extremes of conditions may have meant species were unable to adjust.

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Development of Life

Warm-blooded reptiles appear and reptiles become dominant on land. Being cold-blooded, reptiles had to find ways to deal with big daily variations in temperature. Later, other mammal-like reptiles known as therapsids found an internal solution to keeping warm. During this time there was also a mass extinction but later new plants and animals would evolve and fill the void.