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Mission and Vision Statements

Garfield 16 Overarching Mission Statement:

As a result of our efforts, all students will be successfully prepared for life in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our School Mission Statement:

Engage ~Empower~Improve

Our School Vision Statement:

Our vision is that all graduating first graders leave CFL as critically thinking young citizens with strong academic and social/emotional foundations

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A Note from Mrs. Frees

Happy March Families,

Happy March! I hope you are as excited as I am about the spring weather on the way. It is a great time to be outside and get fresh air. Outside exercise such as, taking a walk, playing with friends, siblings or pets, going to the park are great activities for your child to engage in. I have also reminded students that another way to be ready for the school day is to get a good night's sleep. Research shows that elementary students need 9-12 hours of sleep a night.

As a parent and educator, I am concerned about how vulnerable our children are when it comes to the internet and social media. Many of our children are becoming very knowledgeable about ALL the new social media programs available, some which are not safe or appropriate. I have heard about some very concerning sites and Apps. Common Sense Media is a great resource for you to stay knowledgeable. All children need guidance about being cyber safe. We teach it at school and I would encourage parents to talk about cyber safety at home and periodically browse histories on phones, computers and tablets.

It's never too early to start supporting organizational skills at home...

Teach Organizational Skills

1. With your child, check your child’s Tuesday Folder for important information

2. Ask your child everyday what they learned today. Don't let them off the hook when they say nothing.😊

2. Set up a place at home for papers you need to check or return to school

3. Talk to your child about keeping his/her desk orderly in school and at home.

4. Teach your child to check their backpacks for work they can show you from school

Finally, thank you to all families that participated in SLC's. This is a great way for our students to show agency in their learning and families to connect with our teachers. Your support in your child's education is a vital piece in their success. Please stop by or reach out if you ever have any questions or need anything!

Kim Frees

We will be restarting our Conversations with the Principal (Formally coffee with the Principal) in March

Conversations with the Principal

Will provides parents an opportunity to be involved in their child's education. Participating in these meetings gives parents information on what's happening at CFL and a chance to seek information they want to know about.

One of the ways in which we encourage parent involvement will be through a monthly "Conversations with the Principal." Parent voices are extremely important in helping to shape our school. We will bring in guest speakers around the district to give us updates, visit about happenings at CFL and answer any questions you may have.

At CFL, we realize we would not be the excelling school we are today without the dedication and commitment of our valued parents.

Our Meetings will be held on the 1st Wednesday of every month

Next Meeting

Wednesday March 2nd @5:30 This will be a virtual meeting.

Meeting ID:

Join by phone

‪(US) +1 916-750-1238‬

PIN: ‪120 316 342‬#

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After School Clubs will be starting up again in April

Our hope is to start April 5th and go through May 10th or 17th, running them on Tuesdays from 4:30 - 5:30. We will be sending more information home as we get closer.

Some of the clubs we are hoping to offer are:

STEM class, sign language class, art, and nature class

Student Goal Setting Update

CFL Goal Setting Update

February was a busy month for our students. We had many students meet their literacy goals this month. When they met a goal they wrote their name on a cutout of a heart. Congratulations Mrs. Jablonsky’s and Mrs. Dunlap’s classes! They filled up their first balloon.

Here is what our Goal Setting Balloons look like for the month of February. Ask your student if they met their goals this month.

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Intervention News

Welcome to March. It is hard to believe we are more than half way through the year.

We have just finished our Star test for the month of February. Overall we saw a lot of growth school wide. As a school we are really striving to have all of our students reading at grade level by May. We are seeing great growth on this goal. We do, however, still have a ways to go. At CFL we believe that parents are an important part of this goal. Below are some ideas of things you can try with your child to help us reach this goal.

  • Read with your child every day. Even if you only have time for one book before bed, reading with your child is the single most important thing you can do as a parent to help your child grow in reading.

  • Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday by going to the library and checking out some fun and easy books for your child.

  • With younger kids you can practice saying the alphabet with your child daily. Make sure to slow down on L,M,N,O and P so kids can recognize that they are different letters.

  • Play rhyming games with your child. For example, ask your child what rhymes with cat.

  • If you have an older child you can practice sight words. Most first grade teachers have a list that you can have if you request it. You can make flashcards, and practice them in the evenings.

If you try a couple of the above ideas you will see that putting in just a little bit of effort and time with your child on the right things will make a world of difference in your child’s success at school.

Melissa Bradley

Reading Interventionist

What's Happening in PE at CFL

Hello CFL Families,

Welcome to another month of Physical Education! We have been working really hard on our locomotor movements and we are getting close to mastery. As March rolls forward we are transitioning to the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. The students will be learning how to respond to winning and losing in a variety of different athletic games, what it means to be a good teammate and how attitude can play a lot in a performance outcome. Please continue to send your kiddos with athletic shoes that they can change into for PE class, this is most important for your child's safety and the safety of the class. Thank you such much for sending your awesome children to school everyday. As always, please reach out to me with any concerns or questions.

Mr. Cora

Early Childhood Parent Advisory Committee

Dear Families,

We would love for you to be part of the CFL Early Childhood Parent Advisory Committee.

This is a group of parents, teachers and administrators that meet the last Thursday of each month from 5:30-6:30.

The CFL ECE parent advisory is here to support, encourage and improve the quality of education and the well being of students by:

  • Exchanging ideas and information

  • Providing information about educational and community matters to parents

  • Providing the parental voice to educational decision-making

If you would like to be part of this please call our office at 285-5702.

February Early Childhood Parent Advisory Minutes

Notes from the February ECE Advisory Council

  • Preschool Roundup for new students will start on April 1st. Watch our District website for more information and to sign our electronic interest form. ON April 15th we will be sending our videos from our staff on how to complete the Ages and Stages Questionnaire portion of the enrollment packet. The complete registration packet will be sent to all families who have signed up on our electronic interest form. Our school office will call each family to make an appointment for them to come to CFL to submit the application packet and to engage in a short interview/Q&A with our preschool coordinator.

  • During our next meeting on March 30th, we will have more discussion on our transition plan for helping our preschoolers smoothly transition to Kindergarten

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Pre-School News

It is my great pleasure to share some happy news! Our program has recently received a grant that will enable all of our students to attend the rest of the preschool year for free. This is temporary funding and is only available until the end of the school year. We will not be billing for the months of February through May.

We have been able to provide tuition free preschool for the remaining months of the 2021-2022 school year because of the Workforce Sustainability and Child Care Stabilization grants. Please contact Meri if you would like more information on the amazing things our program has been able to implement through these grants.

We know these times of COVID have been hard for everyone. We thank you all for your understanding and support!

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please stop by the office.

Meri Nofzinger~Director of Preschool


Check out the link about support and scheduling appointments at the Resource Center