Quinlan Fahy


Nepal was founded in 1768. From 1814-1816 Nepal was at a war with England to decide there current boundries of Nepal. In 1955 Nepal joins The United Nations.


Nepal used to have a monarchy but know they have a president and his name is Bidhya Devi Bhandari and Prime Ministers name is Sher Bahadur Deuba. The Presidents rule is mostly ceremonial. There is a free election,also the first free elections were held in 1959. The capitals name is Kathmandu.


Nepal is about as big as Wisconsin. Nepal is a land lock country it is bored by China and Tabet. Nepal has its own calender called Bikram Sambat.


The amout of people that live in Nepal is 29,033,919. The nationly is mostly ethnic, indian,and Tibetans.


The people in Nepal speake Nepali. The quality of the schools depend on the area, you have to walk many miles to go to school. April and may celabrate the day Budda was born, October and November is Tihar, and on the third day they celebrate laxi puja napalese worship the goddess, laxima goddess of wealth