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New York Tour - Glittering Treat to Your Senses

Words fall short and dictionaries seem small when we try to describe the New York City: We often face the dilemma, whether we should write about the city or let visitor explore this at their own. Any description of this metropolis in black and white will be a half description. Zillions of words have been spoilt defining it, the city still stuns and intimidates with its well preserved allures. People let wanderer in them come out and board flights to New York to have their eyes popping out of their head.

As you land in the city of New York you see skyscrapers craning their necks upward to get your attention. Glitter, glamour and ultra- modern life style may intimidate you but at the same time it gives you enough liberty to be your own person.

The city may be geographically vast and hard to explore in a short span of time, but if you stick to the basics, you can make most of your New York tour.

Discover New York at Your Own:

Get a feeling of New York:
While in New York have time to explore this locality at your own. Pass through the markets, eateries, coffee shops and flea markets. Wandering across places will award you an authentic experience of New York and no tourist guide will train you for this.

Chelsea art galleries:
If you are dying to shop antique art items, this gallery is just for you, where truckloads of antique things jostling for your attention. Relax your purse strings for the sake of art.

Landmarks to beckon with:
When it comes to landmarks ‘Statue of Liberty’ has no rivals. But other places like Ellis Island. Wall Street, New York Stock Exchange, Federal Hall, World Trade Center Site, Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building shouldn’t be given a miss.

Some of the most renowned museums have taken refuge here. So visiting them can enrich your experience. Visit to public museums are affordable while private museums are expensive, visit Metropolitan Museum and Museum of Modern Art on your trip. Visit Guggenheim Museum and see its stunning architecture. In addition, there are a large number of big and small museums and art galleries.

Neon lit skyscrapers and busy streets of Manhattan are not the only thing in New York as the city is also adorned with some beautiful parks, head for Central park or Pelham Bay Park for a change.

Accommodation and Dinning:
Most popular brands of hotels and restaurants are in attendance here and it is up to decide.

So hop book cheapest flight ticket to New York from London and let this metropolis unveil before you.

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