"The Oskaloosa Syllabus"


Smarter Balanced Assessment - Replacing Iowa Assessments

When Iowa joined the Common Core Consortium we made a commitment to embed the outcomes of the Common Core standards into the Iowa Core expectations. The Consortium has determined the common assessment to be used by the 35+ states to measure the success of the Common Core Standards - the Smarter Balanced Assessment. The Smarter Balanced Assessment is an adaptive (like the MAP assessment) computer-based assessment so districts must ensure the infrastructure to accommodate the testing needs. Right now the test is expected to be administered to grades 3-8 and high school students would be expected to be assessed using end of course tests.

  • 2013-2014 - field testing will take place and schools will have sample test available to them in the summer/fall of 2014
  • 2014-2015 - full implementation will take place across the consortium

Want more information?

Smarter Balanced Website

Learning Target Expectations

What does the "Tool for Improvmement" suggest is "best practice"?

  1. Learning Target posted in a dedicated space
  2. The Learning Target is verbalized to students
  3. Try to incorporate the verbalizing of the Learning Target into the beginning, middle and end of your lesson
KCSD 7 Strategies - Learning Targets
OFIS Kids Explain Learning Targets.mp4

1st Grade is the PLC to Watch for December!

The 1st Grade PLC has been working diligently to create common assessments, grading rubrics, and a strong team the last couple of years. They have been working hard at building trust and creating students ready for the 2nd grade! They are a PLC to Watch!

1st Grade SMART Goal and Action Plan for 2012-2013

SMART Goal: 100% of first grade students will grow four or more guided reading levels with 80-100% comprehension by the end of the year.
Small group instruction planning
*Guided Reading grouping
*RtI grouping/planning
*Closer analysis of running records
*Analysis of data walls for grouping
*Receive input from Jen Groenenboom, instructional coach, during data wall analysis and possibly classroom observations

PLC Dates in December!

1. December 5th - Extended PLC
2. December 12th - PLC with Extended Vertical Teams
3. December 19th - 2 - hour Technology Early Release (NO PLC)

DLT Met November 6th

The following items were discussed or decisions made:

Learning Target #1: I can determine and describe the attributes of quality instruction within the Characteristics of Effective Instruction (CEI)

Learning Target #2: I can analyze the "look for's" in order to determine the Characteristics of Effective Instruction embedded within them.

1. Walk-About Kiosk Activity around the Characteristics of Effective Instruction
2. Looked at the "Tool for Improvement" - Decided that PLC's would distribute and Principals would provide additional information about the tool used during walk through observations
3. Discussion about eliminating letter grades at the 3-5 level. It was determined we would investigate this by asking parents and teachers impacted. Mary will share the results at the next DLT meeting

  • Each teacher will receive 2 posters: CEI and Bloom's Taxonomy - they will be distributed in December
  • Elementary SPED teachers will meet with DE representatives to discuss a literacy project

Iowa Reading Corp

Oskaloosa Elementary is considering taking part in "Reading Corps". This program has been successful in Minnesota and "Reading Corp" would like Iowa to be the next state to adopt the literacy project. Volunteer tutors would assist struggling students during the school day for a double-dose of reading and literacy practice - focusing on fluency in grades K-3.. It builds confidence and allows students to be successful with one-on-one support.

Mr. Milledge, KP-1 Principal, Jen Groenenboom, Instructional Coach, and Dr. Cooksley, Director of Curriculum and Instruction attended an informational meeting in October to determine if we would be interested. This project would fit perfectly into the RTI process and the interventions students need and would be successful.

A meeting with the local United Way took place Tuesday, November 27, 2012 to determine the next steps in the application process. If the grant by the United Way is not accepted, this project will not move forward. We are hoping Oskaloosa Elementary can take part in this project next school year!

PE and ART Curriculum Teams

Monday, Dec 3rd 2012 at 8am-3pm

1800 N 3rd St # 2

Oskaloosa, IA

Last meeting of the year

Language Arts Curriculum Team

Monday, Dec 10th 2012 at 8am-3pm

1800 N 3rd St # 2

Oskaloosa, IA

Last meeting of the year!

Science CT

Tuesday, Dec 11th 2012 at 8am-3pm

1800 N 3rd St # 2

Oskaloosa, IA

Last meeting of the year!

IT, Bus, FCS, AG, Foreign Langauge Curriculum Teams

Friday, Dec 14th 2012 at 8am-3pm

1800 N 3rd St # 2

Oskaloosa, IA

Last meeting of the year!