Morello Park Spring Newsletter

Mrs. Joslin, Principal

Off to the Races! Auction Success!

Thank you to all of our staff and parents who supported our biggest fundraiser, "Off to the Races!" It was a splendid evening full of games, great food, excellent auction items and dancing. Parents made new friends and the room was filled with laughter throughout the evening. We are truly grateful for your generosity through the auction online and the auction held at the event. All funds raised will support the numerous programs PTA sponsors at our school site which directly impact your child. Thank you Sara Metz and Jenny Bare, our Auction Coordinators. Thank you Kristin Frost, Todd and Stephanie Navarro, Veronica Montes and Alberto Montes. We appreciate the support from other PTA groups in Martinez as well.

Thank you to all of the parents who came to the basket preparing parties, who hit the pavement asking for donations, who worked so graciously behind the scenes and poured their heart into this amazing event to benefit our children. Thank you staff for coming and participating in this fun evening along with our Superintendent CJ Cammack.

Baby Chicks Have Arrived

The baby chicks have hatched in Room B1. Children have been able to watch the entire process from the eggs in the incubator to the little cracks. What an exciting surprise children experienced when they came into the room and saw a baby chick! They could hear the noises in the eggs prior to them hatching so they waited in anticipation. This is an example of hands-on Science at its best.

Open House

We had an amazing Open House turnout! The food trucks sold out and it was a great to see the families enjoying dinner together and making new friends. Our classrooms were rich with evidence of the learning that has been taking place all year. It was exciting to see student growth from August until now. Our staff was excited as they awaited this evening. On behalf of our Morello Staff, thank you for entrusting us with your children and thank you for being a part of the learning journey. Together, we look forward to a successful end of the year.

Open House Student Parade

All students took part in the traditional parade the day after Open House. Children walked with their classrooms teachers, parading through every classroom and looking at student successes. It was a wonderful opportunity for children to show off their own learning while seeing the learning accomplishments of others. It was especially meaningful for the children to tour the grade level above because it gave them a little taste of what exciting things will be happening next year. Thank you Morello Staff for your continuous dedication to our students.

April Dates to Remember (Always Check Our Website For Changes)


8th- School Back in Session. We hope you had a joyous Spring Break

Harvest of the Month Week (sponsored by PTA)

Mrs. Joslin Reads in Classrooms

9th- 4th Grade Trip to Sacramento

PTA Meeting

11th-4th Grade Water District

1st Grade Academy of Sciences

12th-Disney Day

15th-Student Council Bake Sale All Week

16th-Eagle Reading Book Delivery

17th-2nd Grade Tea Party

19th-Buddy Day (read a book)/ Talent Show Auditions 2:30-4:00 pm

24th- Administrative Professionals Day(formerly Secretary's Day)

26th-Coffee with the Principal

Autism Awareness Day April 9th

Morello Park staff and students are encouraged to wear Blue in honor of, "Autism Awareness Day," on April 9, 2019. We will be walking at recess to music to show support. Children will hear a special story in the library from Mrs. Lusk and older children will hear a story read to them in their classrooms by Mrs. Joslin. Flyers went home telling about this special event in your child's folders. We have a parent volunteer who will be working closely with a Kindergarten teacher to create puzzle pieces to put around the school with ASD facts and will also be putting together a display case for children to view. At Morello, we believe in educating our children so they have a better understanding of all friends. If you are looking for books to read with your children to deepen the understanding, here are a few suggestions:

“I See Things Differently” by Pat Thomas

“All My Stripes” by Danielle Royer and Shaina Rudolph

“Since We’re Friends: An Autism Picture Book” by Celeste Shally

“Different Like Me: My Book of Autism Heroes” by Jennifer Elder


State testing is starting soon for children in grades 3-5. Please check with your child's teacher for the actual days they will be testing to ensure your child is well rested and on time for school. All tests will start directly after the bell and will continue through the morning. If your child is sick, we will have make-up testing; however, we always like the child to test with their own classroom teacher when at all possible. If you have any questions, please reach out to your child's teacher or Mrs. Joslin.