Sanchez Class Newsletter

"Things to learn while having fun! Lot's to do in 201!"

Room 201

Hi Parents,

Happy Friday! With ISAT's finished (forever!), our Sound of Music video posted, and the North and South being determined, it's time for a relaxing weekend for your children. They worked hard these past two weeks and had a lot of opportunity to bond and create memories!

We took a break from academics on Wednesday when we traveled to the NBJH to see the musical, Xanadu. If you get a chance to see it, we would recommend it. Very cute!

Ask you child about the Civil War Simulation. It is an exciting time for 5th graders and a fun way to learn about the history in our country.

Here are some important dates for the end of the school year:
Monday, June 9th - 5th Grade Lunch
Tuesday, June 10th - End of Year Assembly 1:15
Wednesday, June 11th - Tentative Last day of School

Congratulations to the Gillespie family on being named "Family of the Year" by NSSRA! We are proud of Sara and each member of her family! That is quite an honor.

We appreciate everyone viewing our Youtube video for the "Sound of Music" competition. So far we have received over 1,000 views! But, it's not over yet. Voting ends on March 21st, so "Vote early and vote often!" :)


Enjoy your weekend,
Mrs. Sanchez and Mrs. Hinken

Our Learning This Week.....


Estimating decimals and practicing multi-step word problems were the focus this week in math. The students learned that estimating money is a more convenient way to solve every day problems. We took our Chapter 9 test today and will learn about percents in Chapter 10 next week.

Writers' Workshop

In Writers' Workshop this week, we shared some Op/Ed articles. Overall, the students had a solid understanding of the importance of researching a topic in order to express it clearly and persuasively. They have strong opinions for 10-year-olds. We also took some time for creative writing/free writing. (It seems we never get enough time for that.) The students shared their pieces, which were funny, touching, and quite powerful. They enjoy this time very much.

Social Studies and Readers' Workshop

The Civil War has begun. (Well, not officially until April 12th.) Parts were picked and the soldiers will report to duty on Monday. We spent the past week building background knowledge about the war by reading nonfiction books and magazines, watching Brain Pop, and using the activotes to assess their knowledge. Did your child mention that s/he needs to memorize the Gettysburg Address? No worries! All 5th graders have done it each year. It might be fun for you to join in on the challenge. (After all, Ken Burns has convinced plenty of other high profile celebs to do the same.)

Upcoming Events/Reminders:

  • March 17th
  • St. Patrick's Day (wear green)

    • March 21st
    • Report Cards go home
    • Spring Break Begins :)

    • March 31st
    • Back to School

    • April 1st-4th
    • Human Growth and Development Unit
    • (more info coming soon)

    • April 3rd
    • Author Jordan Sonnenblick comes to GB

    • April 4th
    • Robert Crown comes to GB

    Ask you child about:

    * The 2014 Rebecca Caudill Winner
    * Going to the NBJH to see a musical
    * North or South?
    * Celtic music and magic
    * Finishing The One and Only Ivan
    * What book s/he is reading over Spring Break
    * How our video is doing

    Vocabulary for the Week of March 17: