Will you lose your license?

Should drunk drivers lose their license for a year

I think if somebody is caught for drunk driving their licence should be taken up

By doing this we can reduce most of the accidents and deaths caused by drunk driving

DUI's and DWI's

DUI's are Driving Under the Influence and DWI's are Driving While Intoxicated. Both of these laws apply in all 50 states. In Texas if you are caught doing one of these you could pay a fine, Do Jail time ,have your License suspension,or have to take a DWI intervention education class.


Texas has had the most deaths from drunk driving for the last 2 years . California and Florida are also in the top 3 for the last 2 years. We should be taking more precautions before we drive. So Texas doesn't have to have the most deaths from drunk driving.

License suspention

When your license is suspended it can range from months to years. Even though these drunk drivers license has been suspended they still continue drive. Usually these people also continue to drunk drive even after their license is suspended.


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So in conclusion if we take away a license as soon as somebody is caught for drunk driving. Also if we make drunk drivers have to take a mandatory class to show them how dangerous it is to drunk drive. We should reduce most of the crashes mad by drunk drivers