Roving Reporter

Roving Reporter

Today I am your Roving Reporter. First we lined up when the bell rang. We exercised and ran I fell it hurt a lot then, we played a new game. We had to walk keeping our feet together. Then we played a game that you were marching and would tell us one of the words here. "Switch, change, and rotate" it was difficult.

We went to class Tristan sharped my pencil and did D.L.R. It was easy. The best teacher ever Mr. Martin took attendance while I read Side Ways Stories of Way Side School. Then we corrected D.L.R.

After DLR, we took are Benchmarks. We colored are Monster coloring, then recess bell rang I played handball.

When we came back from recess, we read the chapters The Grand Tour and Breakfast we wrote our questions from We all Can’t be Rattlesnakes.

The lunch bell rang and I played handball. I played at the hard and medium courts.

After lunch recess, we read a book called Ish, we worked on an art project on a Toucan. Then we read another chapter called Guys from We Can’t all be Rattlesnakes. Then we cleaned up, packed up and then went home. I hope you liked it that is THE END.

What is Coming Up?

Roving Reporter Laycee

Hello, my name is Laycee and today I am your Roving Reporter. Starting today we played British Dodgeball. Of course I don't need to explain how to play because we played for a while. Anyway, most of the time I was a collector. It was a very fun game.

After the crowded game we came inside and did our DLR. DLR is our morning language work. Obviously it was going to be easy. When we corrected it I got an A+! I am sure everybody did good as well.

Later on we talked about our benchmark test. Mr. Martin talked about how important it was. He told us there was no reading story this week. Instead we are reading a book called, We can't all be Rattlesnakes. As you can see we were all excited. I was definitely happy about that. As soon as we were done talking about that, we watched a video on how to warm up your brain. I am guessing it was for our brain to be ready for the benchmark. Then we got our benchmark test.

After I was done, Mr. Martin game be a doodle sheet.I liked the sheet because it had different monsters on it. Later it was time for recess. I went and ate my snack and then played.

When we came in, I finished my monster doodle coloring sheet. We all cleaned out our "Works in Progress" folders.I didn't have very many things in it.

A little later, we did some Math. We were learning about input and output tables. In 3rd grade I had a little trouble with it input and output. Now I understand it a lot better.

After that we went to lunch. Soon we came from lunch, Mr. Martin passed out our portfolio work, which is our homework this week. For that assignment we have to choose what we want to do to get to 100 points. After that we read more chapters from our novel. We also were writing sentences about each chapter in our book. Then we made folders to put those two things that we made inside.

Anyway we did science next. We learned about the ecosestem. Me and Ali worked hard and finished our assignment. After that we read one more chapter from our book. Soon we packed up and went home.

Once again, I am Laycee and I am your Roving Reporter, thank you for letting me share my report.