Biggest Loser Competition 2019

February 4 through May 3


Hosted by: Bridget Kozar (Middle School Principal) & John Thomas (Middle School PD Coach)

If you are looking for motivation to lose weight and improve your lifestyle then think about joining the Biggest Loser challenge this year!! This year we will only be doing the singles challenge since this is our first time running the show!! :)

If you would like to join the competition, please sign up and register using the below link by Friday, February 1! We will start the competition Monday, February 4!

Further directions will also be sent out regarding how the weights will be recorded. The contest will run Monday, February 4 through Friday, May 3! The challenge.... can you sustain over EASTER!!! LOL

There is a $10.00 entrance fee that can be mailed to me directly or sent via Paypal. This will be used for the prize money...not for my own personal shopping spree!! LOL

Money needs to be submitted by Friday, February 22 or your name will be withdrawn from the competition.

My address:

Bridget Kozar

133 Mason Drive

Windber, PA 15963

My Paypal: