On the Devil's Court

By Carl Deuker

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Joe: A senior in high school who is very good at basketball. He moved from Boston to Seattle because of his dad's job.

Russ: One of Joe's friends, however, Joe begins to dislike him. He is also really good at basketball.

John: Also one of Joe's friends. Him and Joe are on the same basketball team for school.

Mom: Joe's mom. Her job is a sculptor.

Dad: Joe's dad. He is a very smart scientist, he is very good at everything he does. He is the reason his family moved to Seattle


-"Give me a full season of power, and my soul is yours." is my favorite line in this book because the book starts to get really interesting after this. Joe is able to things he has never done before and this is a turning part in the book.

-Major places in this book were the basketball court, Eastside (Joe's School) and Joe's house.

-The main conflict in this book is that Joe thinks he sold his soul to the devil for one full season of power.

-Some of the major events are when Joe sells his soul to the devil and when Joe's dad makes him go to Eastside High School

-The genre of this book is sports fiction

-I think the theme of this book is to be yourself because throughout the whole book Joe questions himself about many different things. At times this really effected him.


-I would give this book a 4.5/5

-At times the book was a little slow, but once you get a few chapters into the book it got really good and picked up pace.

-Overall I really liked this book and it had a really good story line.

-I would recommend this book to someone who likes books about sports, especially basketball. I would also recommend this book to someone who likes to read about people having to overcome adversity.

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AS On the Devils Court