Great lakes Salmon

All you need to know about salmon!

Native or not ?

The Chinook Salmon is not Native to the great lakes they were brought to the great lakes because it seem that the great lakes were a good simulation of the Pacific coast.

Salmon Information

A salmon's natural habitat should consist of Cool,Clean,Oxygen Rich Water If the water is higher than 64ºF (18ºC) salmon may become sluggish and more susceptible to disease and predators so the water must be cold, if the water is 74ºF-78ºF (23ºC-26ºC) then it will be lethal to the salmon within the waters. Water becomes more oxygenated when it bubbles over a rock.

Salmon and Steel Head also need water that is free of pollution.Waste water is harmful to them.

Adults eat other fish, squid, eels, and shrimp

Young salmon eat insects like stone flies.

Mini Salmon life Cycle

Introduction to Great lakes

The scientific name for Salmon is Salmo salar.

The Salmon were transported to the great lakes by scientist who thought it was best to take the salmon to the great lakes because the water in their natural habitat was very similar to their natural habitats.

They fit in the great lakes ecosystem very well because primarily it has the same types of insects as the east coast of the Pacific Ocean and for the adults there are plenty of other smaller fish to eat. The Great lakes also have the same predators for example they have the bear an immediate predator to salmon.


Salmon In The Classroom

Maybe when we earn more money for the school we could get an even larger tank and fill it with weeds and rocks that way the salmon would feel more like they are in their natural habitat and more will survive. I thought that having salmon in the classroom would help out the students learn about something else besides what is on the screen it is also a great way to create bonds between people and real live things. Is is also an educational opportunity to show kids that real live things are in trouble and that we are the only ones causing it hence we are the only ones to fix it.

In conclusion i really enjoyed the Salmon unit and I hope that this unit continues next year for the next 7th Graders.

swimming salmon