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Friday, April 30, 2021

Here is what you will find in today's edition:

  • Subscriber Survey
  • Weekend Weather
  • COVID Updates, with a survey
  • Mud Season
  • Would You Rather, with a survey
  • How Thumper and Ginger Got To Their New Home, Part 2
  • Jokes
  • Endangered Animal of the Week: Snow Leopards
  • My Tulips
  • Birds, Birds, Birds
  • Betta Fish
  • All About Nature
  • Extinct Animals: Velociraptor
  • A True Story About My Hamster
  • How The Dinos Died Volume 4
  • All About My Dog
  • Colrain Lunch Menu: May

We hope you enjoy this edition!

The Outsiders (Colrain Fifth Grade)

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Weekend Weather with Alvin

Saturday, May 1st, will be a high of 60 degrees and a low of 38 degrees.

Sunday, May 2nd, will be a high of 72 degrees and a low of 40 degrees.

Claire's COVID Updates

Hi there, this week I will update you on COVID 19 cases.

Answer to last week's form question: 68,227.

  • There are 75,267 new COVID cases in the USA as of April 14, 2021.

  • In Massachusetts there are 2,244 new cases as of April 14, 2021.

  • In Franklin County there are 8 new cases as of April 14, 2021.

My resource is: The New York Times

That's all for this time. Stay safe, bye!

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Mud Season By Shaunty

This week's article is about mud season, not really a season. On the road I live on it gets really bad. Four wheel drive trucks get stuck in the mud because of how bad it is. One time there were so many cars that got stuck there were like three tow trucks.

That was just my road, there are so many more. The town gets a lot of gravel and drift to put over the roads. The mud spots are bad for the bus because they can't get to the school or to pick up spots. That's all I have for this article. I hope you had a great vacation :)

Bye stay safe.

Would you rather? with Mason

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If you see a white box above instead of the survey, click on the white box. This will bring you to the s'more website where you can take the survey. Thanks for participating and helping us collect data!

How Thumper and Ginger Got To Their New Home, Part 2 by Grace

When I left off Thumper saw Jon, so let's get back in the story. Thumper was so scared but then she got even more scared when Aaron reached in and picked her up. Then she felt a little better because Aaron was being so nice to her and petting her. Then she looked behind her and saw Kim was holding one of the bunnies in the box too. The bunny's name was Ginger. Ginger was also confused why she was being picked up. Both bunnies were scared. They got even more scared when they saw Kim reach into her wallet and get a $10 bill. Thumper knew what a $10 bill was, that meant someone was buying them. After Thumper realized that she was excited. Ginger was also excited to go to a new home. You will have to read the next chapter to see what happens next.

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Endangered Animal of the Week: Snow Leopards with Cole

Snow Leopards are badly endangered! There are 4,080 - 6,590 left in the world. People kill snow leopards for their skins. Farmers also kill them to protect their livestock. Snow leopards are carnivores because they eat meat. Snow leopards have a hard time because of all the rough terrain around them. They catch and kill their prey on the cliffs. Let's keep this animal from going extinct by checking out the link below.

Donation Website Link

Cole Bassett

Thank You!

Picture Link

My Tulips By Jaida

Hello I'm going to tell you a little about tulips, since its Spring.

Our 5th grade class planted tulips last fall and mine just grew gorgeous this spring. Do you like them? The photos below are the tulips I grew.

Have you ever planted tulip bulbs? Did you know they are a Spring blooming perennial. A perennial comes back year after year. They are best planted in sun or part shade. The flower petals are large in size and range in a variety of colors. I know often moles can eat the bulbs of the tulip’s.

What I love about tulip’s is you plant the bulbs in the fall and they can stay in the ground in winter. Then in Spring you start to see the tulip leaf foliage poke out of the ground, then they bloom and add a pop of color to areas. You can cut them and make flower bouquets too. They are my favorite flower!

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Jokes With Abi

How do you plan a party in space?

You planet

Why do people tell actors to break a leg?

Because every play has a cast. website

Hear about the new restaurant called Karma?

You there’s no menu. You get what you deserve.

What do you call a bear without teeth?

A gummy bear

Why did the M&M go to school?

It wanted to be a Smartie.

BIRDS, BIRDS, BIRDS with Joey and Ms Mary

Hello all,

Here we are in the last week of April. I am sure that many of you have spring vegetable seeds, herbs and plants starting to sprout.

We love to plant sunflowers, but honestly I haven’t planted sunflowers for years. The birds do it for us! They are wonderful propagators! Each year, we have many, many beautiful sunflowers growing all over our yard, all courtesy of the birds! It works great, as we don’t have to buy sunflower seeds for several weeks during the summer months. The birds AND the bees have plenty to eat, from the giant faces of the sunflowers.

It is pretty awesome to watch the birds and the bees working side by side.

Depending upon when the seeds are dropped by the birds, the flowers are not all growing at the same rate, so we usually have sunflowers growing into the beauty and many colors of autumn.

On a much more solemn note: a fact that you may not realize when it comes to Hummingbirds:

If you ever see a Praying Mantis on your hummingbird feeder, make sure that you remove it right away. Praying Mantis’ will kill hummingbirds!! Some types of aggressive wasps are also known to kill a hummingbirds. Hopefully you will never have a Mantis visit your feeder. They are pretty interesting creatures, but they have a very dark side as well.

May will be here soon, bring on the colors and charm of our summer birds!

Happy May Day!

Joey and Ms Mary

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Betta Fish By Logan

  • Betta fish originally lived in Asia

  • Betta fish can breathe regular air and still breath from their gills underwater . That's pretty cool!

  • Betta fish come in 7 different kinds including crown tail, half-moon, double tail, veil tail, short fin fighting style tail and crown tail!

All About Nature with Wyatt

Nature is a very beautiful place. One thing that is very beautiful about nature is to hear all the animals making all kinds of sounds. I think nature is a very beautiful place because I love seeing all of the beautiful animals and being able to hunt and fish and do many other things. My favorite part about nature is being able to hunt and fish.

Stay healthy and I will see you next week.

Extinct Animals: Velociraptor by Kaydan

  1. Velociraptor wasn’t much bigger than the main dish on Thanksgiving.

  2. Those infamous toe claws weren’t built for slashing.

  3. There’s a good chance Velociraptor’s occasionally climbed trees.

  4. 2 Velociraptor like skulls were found in a different dinosaur’s nest.

  5. Velociraptor’s occasionally ate Pteranodons.

  6. Velociraptor’s might have picked apart live prey.

  7. It had wings but could not fly.

  8. One died in combat with a sheep sized herbivore.

  9. Some of the raptor noises used in Jurassic Park were tortoise love grunts!

  10. They are extinct.

10 Facts About Velociraptor

A True Story About My Hamster By Summer

Once upon a time there was a hamster named Coco. Coco is my hamster and my name is Summer. Now I got Coco last year. I don't know what month we got Coco but we got Coco because an old hamster named Vanilla passed away sadly, but then we have Coco. Coco is a dwarf hamster and that means a small hamster. Coco is just a nickname. Her real name is Scarlet but I like to call her Coco so that's what I do. I decided her nickname is Coco and my brother named her Scarlett and my brother's name is Samuel.

Coco is a really good hamster but she doesn’t want to eat her food, so my dad put honey in it and then Coco liked it. Coco's favorite thing to do is to run on her wheel and she runs really fast. She runs really fast so we can't really catch her yet or pick her up. She's not really used to us yet but the person that she's most used to is my dad because he tries to pick her up every day. Coco is an awesome hamster! That's all about my hamster. THE END!

How The Dinos Died, Volume 4 By Abby

Then it was Lucas's turn and gee there was some stuff. He has rotting teeth and cavities you can see with your naked eye. Somehow he ended up with more than Evan! He has 8 cavities! How does any animal on Earth get 8 whole cavities! And they both just got floss and toothpaste and their dentist gave them an electric toothbrush toy.

All About My Dog By Addi

My dog is super funny and he loves going on car rides. He also loves playing with me. If I run around the house he will chase after me and growl at me sometimes. He also loves sleeping. He will lay on the couch. He is a funny dog, I would say.


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