Family Flyer

January 2022

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The Family Flyer is created by Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD) Early Literacy and Math coaches and coordinators. Our hope is that parents and caretakers, countywide, take advantage of the resources to support their kindergarten through third grade children with academics, nutrition, and well-being. New events and resources will be published monthly. Please contact Education and Learning at the GISD if you have any questions. The contact information is located at the bottom of this flyer. It is our hope that you find this resource useful and fun. Enjoy!

Practice at Home

Creative Learning Spaces

Are you struggling to keep your child engaged while learning at home? Creating an inviting home learning space could be the key to overcoming this struggle. Creating a "learning fort" or "cozy corner" will help keep learning fun! Consider using everyday home items such as blankets, pillows, bean bags, and stuffed animals to transport your child to their own "learning zone." Click the image for inspiring ideas!

Fireside Read Alouds

Cuddle up to enjoy these fun winter-themed books with your families and friends!

Winter Word Games

Words are Important!

"Cold" is just one word that describes Winter! As a family discuss other Winter words like "snowy," and "icy." Keep the fun going by writing the words or drawing pictures to match. Use as many writing materials as you can to keep the spirit alive such as various paper styles and colorful markers.

Money Math

Race to $1.00!

One of our winter read alouds this month was "Lemonade in Winter" by Emily Jenkins. This was a fun story about siblings trying to sell lemonade from their stand in the middle of winter! They quickly learn how to count coins and use them to purchase things they want. Take some time to practice counting coins with your children at home using this fun game "Race to $1.00!"

All you need to play is:

  • A few handfuls of change, make sure there are lots of pennies!
  • A die or a homemade spinner using a paper clip and pencil.

You can find the directions to this game and many other money games here or click on the photo below.

Community Health and Wellness

It's definitely winter in Michigan! The ground is frozen and covered in snow, the air is frosty, and our noses are cold!!! The colder temperatures mean less play time outside than our warmer months. If your children are like ours, they NEED some physical activity. Try streaming new episodes of Cosmic Kids Yoga on your device at home. Allow children an opportunity to get exercise indoors, practice mindfulness, and relax. Click the photo below to take a look at the Cosmic Kids website. You can also find many of these videos recorded on YouTube here.

You can also check out "Kids Yoga Day" through the Crim Foundation by clicking on this link here ------> KIDS YOGA DAY!

Living in the Community

Winter Animal Habitats

Take a quick look around, we might spend more time indoors during the winter but there are many active animals in winter. Look out your window? What do you see?

Want some ways to attract some winter animals? Click on the images below for links on how to create these family friendly feeders.

Giving Back to the Community

Community Closet & Food Pantry

"Neighbors Helping Neighbors"

901 Chippewa St, Flint MI

(810) 232-9950

Volunteers seek to provide Genesee County residents with items that so many take for granted. They are accepting donations of clothing, linens, personal care items, as well as cleaning supplies. Click the image to find out more about donating or to get help to make this Winter more manageable. Click the image for more information

Foster a Love for Learning

Take a look at these quick things you can do as a family to foster a love for learning. Click on the picture of the calendar for a closer look of these activities.

Flyer Compiled By:

Dr. Joanne LeBlanc - GISD Coordinator of Instruction and Reading Recovery

Tameka Pritchett - Early Literacy Coach from West Wood Heights

Shannon Sly - GISD ELA Partnership Coach

Jeannine Strickert - Early Literacy Coach from Clio

Danielle Wolsker - GISD Math Partnership Coach

Kristie Yammine - Early Literacy Coach from West Wood Heights