Nuclear fusion

Nuclear fusion into everyday energy

Date of discovery

Friday December 11th 2015

Me and my lab

My name is Chandler Ebeling and I work with the lab Inventing new energy as the lead inventor. We all come together as a team and work this couldn't be done with out my team.

How does nuclear fusion work compared to nuclear fission

Nuclear fission is much different then nuclear fusion. Nuclear fission is taking bigger nucleus and splitting them into smaller nuclei. and nuclear fusion is basically the opposite it takes smaller nuclei and combines them to make bigger nucleus. We have taken this idea and made nuclear fusion into energy by giving it what you would call a bunch of small nuclei to make into bigger ones. after the big ones run out of energy they split again into little ones to regenerate so the process is endless.

Safety precautions

There are few safety precautions when using this as your energy source. After using this source for a long period of time it can become very hot now it does have an installed cooling system but it will still become hot so do not touch it. If the cooling system doesn't work on keeping the energy running then it will shut down in order to not over heat.

Economic impact and energy rates

The energy rates for homes have never been better and its very eco friendly. It has had a few problems working to power larger buildings but nothing that is not fixable for me and my crew.