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The plates really have moved

  1. People wonder how is it possible that something can be so strong that they can move the plates.Well it is possible geologists think that movement convection currents in the mantle is the major force that causes plate movement.During subjection, gravity pulls one edge of a plate down into the mantle.This is proof that the plates are moving.These plates are Divergent boundaries, convergent and transform boundaries.This is how the plates move.Also plates is "the lithosphere is broken into separate sections.

it can change the world erosion


erosion,erosion can literally change the earth.erosion is the destructive processes of when water or wind loosens and carries away fragments of rock.There are three main types of erosion they are wind water and ice.Also water can cause the most damage and is the most dangerous.And wind is the weakest type of erosion. either way erosion almost always causes damage.

All about me!!

All about me, i love dogs and all animals. i live in Illinois USA.Some of my hobbies are arts building and flipping .and i mostly have an upbeat personality.


The elements and materials of earth

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what did i liked the best

i really enjoy rocks. but i liked when we to learn about how rocks are recycled