NEWS for mesipatania

A new day of mesipania

Weather Emergency

There will be a bad storm in the northern part on December 17 2000 bc at 6:00 A.m. that will flood with 6 feet of mud and water go to high grounds. Make sure that there are no leaks otherwise it will damage your house . eventually it will go to the south or going back into the rivers creating a drought. to prevent this you need to build ditches dams and canals . after all this your carts,shop, horses, ox,sheep all that may be taken away by the flood stay away from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

new for mesipatania

There is a new king named Sargon who Killed our old king and took the crown for his own hands and made his Empire. whom how held or are holding a slave shall and will be kill be killed and that slave shall become a slave of the king. He will take most of you silver and if you do not pay you shall be killed if you take the kings cows or any livestock you ten shackels of gould


The new carts made by the black smith that are durable and won't hurt you. The new carts that won't get trapped on a rock. it would feel smooth It will help carry all your stuff. don't buy it by any one else.