By Haley Wells

wilfrido is from apartado in northwest colombia, and is about fifteen years old. His mother, father, and him were poor and lived in a small house, and they were always poor.His Mom and Dad were always fighting, when he was seven his dad left him and they finally they had some peace but they were poorer than ever. The neighborhood was'nt wealthy and people who belonged to armed groups gather not to far away from his house, sometimes he can hear them drive by. Wilfrido was influenced because he never had a father when he grew up and he wanted to help the kids who might be going through the same thing now, or even worse like them being abused by their parents, or to help them get through seeing their mother or father being slaughtered infront of there eyes by making them feel safe and happy. Wilfrido once visited the barrio and when he was there he was told if he did'nt leave he would be killed. Wilfrido chose to fight for peace because he was against the idea of “war” of the the armed groups invading streets and making you fall into traps of why not joining them and then being shot.

One thing about Wilfrido that impressed me was that he made a boy laugh and dance even though he watched his dad cut up into pieces right in front of him and that he had a big job at the age of fifteen by supervising a lot of people. If i could ask him one question it'd be how did you get over the fact that your father left you and your mom and did not help you when you needed money? i'd ask this because he was like one of the kids he helps but he never got help.